How I met Piers

Today is my birthday and also the second anniversary of the day I first knew of Piers’ existence.

Two years ago today, Piers decided to drop me a Facebook message after reading my blog for a couple of weeks. He really enjoyed my writings so decided to show his appreciation by letting me know. (I think my writings were less bimbotic, then. :P)

He didn’t know it was my birthday when he sent me that message because I didn’t have my birthday listed on Facebook then.

And I didn’t even remember it until we got together this February and I went back to look at the message and saw that it had come on my birthday.


Facebook message


There’s a funny little story about how he chanced upon my blog in the first place, but I’ll leave that story for another day.

I thought his message was quite funny and sincere, so I gave him a thank-you reply. After a couple more funny back and forths, we stopped conversing and he joined Plurk.

I think he was more active in Plurk than I was, haha. Anyway, we were never really close or anything, just regular Plurk friends like everyone else.

Well, then, a year and a half later, you already know that story, I came to England and we made our history.

Okay, one day I will tell the full story but I have to go now because there’s the rest of my birthday to enjoy.

The weather is great today. =)

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