The Goonfather, a failed Casanova

Two years ago, we saw the Goonfather drive a BMW Zap3.


The Goonfather and Uncle Kell drunk


(Read about it here. It’s funny!)


Now, he has upgraded from a 3 to a 4!


The Goonfather and Uncle Kell in the Silver Z


He won’t be drink driving this one for sure!

Okay, really, he has upgraded from a Mazda RX-8 to a BMW Z4, except that he told his boss that it’s a downgrade because he’s not paid enough.

While the Z4 is more expensive, the RX-8 drinks petrol like a perpetually thirsty man gulps water. He was spending something like $400 on petrol every month.

Also, because the RX-8 is now classed as a race car (instead of sports car like the Z4), the insurance and road tax have gone through the roof.




He drives like an uncle now, haha. That is, leisurely. He says that people who drive the Z4 are not into speed but more into looks so he has to follow suit.

The Goonfather is very much into looks these days, having almost reached his target size after about half a year of working hard at it.


The Goonfather


In fact, he was on his way to becoming playboy material. He worked on his weight, revamped his wardrobe and, finally, to top it off, bought the BMW Z4.

The car arrived last Tuesday.

He was finally all ready to be a prime Casanova.

The very next day, he got attached.

To a girl he’s been going out with for a couple of weeks.


He’s just no good at being a playboy.




I suppose it’s a good thing.

I was worried that he and Unker Kell were going to “hook up”, the way they’ve been doing everything together.


The Goonfather and Unker Kell


But everything’s great now.

I suppose congratulations are in order!

10 thoughts on “The Goonfather, a failed Casanova

  1. Avatar

    Thanks. Only need to gratz me on the gal, as she means a lot more than the car. Car is nuttin more than material asset, or should I say liability. :)

  2. Avatar

    wow, nice car! And not to mention, very expensive too!

    I hope u dun mind me asking… Are you in the IT business industry?

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