I’m hungry to win…


Today’s post is about hunger!

Yes, what a great topic to talk about. So, let’s talk about when I’m hungry.

When I’m hungry, I turn into one of three things:


1. A self-pitying rock

It’s late and I’m tired and I should be sleeping. But my stomach is growling something fierce. Too hungry to sleep, too tired to eat. I lie in bed like a rock, immovable and bemoaning the tragic irony of life.


Self-pitying rock



2. A wilting flower

If I get hungry when I’m outside, I can’t lie down like a rock or people will throw stones at me. So I float about weakly in search of food, at risk of blowing away at the slightest breeze.


Wilting flower



3. A monster

Sometimes, I turn into a monster when I’m hungry. That is, a variation of cookie monster. Except I don’t like nomming cookies as much as barbequed chicken wings and Big Macs. Or pizza. Or chocolate.


Snickers bar



What do you turn into when you’re hungry?

Not a scary monster, I hope. I know people who get grumpy and irritable when they’re hungry.

Okay, I get grumpy and irritable if my meal is significantly delayed and I grow increasingly hungry. For stupid reasons like mad traffic jams. That is really annoying.

Well, let’s see what American footballers turn into when they’re hungry!

Watch this…



It’s funny! Although I had to watch it twice to get it because I didn’t know what the theme was the first time.

It gave me such a craving, though.

I started getting hungry when I watched the commercial and then even hungrier when I checked out the Snickers Hungerlings Attack website.


Snickers Hungerlings Attack


I was at my laptop, it was morning and I was wondering what to eat for breakfast. I was thinking cereal.

I browsed around the website and played the Hungerlings Attack game and then I started getting really hungry for Snickers.

I MSNed Piers, who was at work, and said, “I need Snickers!!”

A few hours later, during lunchtime, he delivered two Snickers bars to me! Such a happy day!




Eating it while playing the Hungerlings Attack game helped me get a good score.

Actually, I don’t know whether it’s a good score or not. I just think it must be pretty decent because I played 10 or 12 games and feel that I can’t do any better anymore.


Snickers Hungerlings Attack


Go give it a try and see if you can beat my score!

In the game, you’re a Hungerling (like a hungry monster) and you won’t be sated until you manage to grab and eat 10 Snickers bars.

It doesn’t take long to play. Less than half a minute per game. And you could win cool prizes if you get the best score during each contest period!


Snickers Hungerlings Attack prizes


The contest ends at June 13 so you still have a week to perfect your score. No purchase or anything required so why not give it a go?

Good luck!




Oops. Did I make you hungry, too? =P

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