How men fix missing buttons

Piers bought a pair of trousers from Zara recently.

(He says I have to say “trousers” and not “pants” because pants in England means underwear.)

Zara doesn’t have as good QC as I thought. The top button on his trousers popped after he’d had it only a few days. Just like that.

He said he was going to sew it back on and went off to get his “sewing kit”. It was a tiny travel kit with a few strings of thread and some needles in it. I was impressed, nonetheless.

Piers sat down, threaded a needle and then started working on his trousers.

While still wearing them.


Piers sewing on a button


I said, “What are you doing?”

He said, “Sewing my button on.”

I said, “People are not usually wearing their clothes while fixing them.”

“Oh, it’ll be alright,” he said.


Piers sewing on a button


Amazingly, he managed to put the button back where it belonged, although he eventually admitted that it was a bit more challenging that way, just that, by then, he couldn’t be bothered to disrupt his work and remove his trousers.

He reinforced the button by weaving so much thread through it that it would now take the Incredible Hulk to rip it apart.

Aesthetics don’t matter. As long as the button never falls off again.


Piers' buttons



6 thoughts on “How men fix missing buttons

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    Wahahaha! I used to do the same thing and it drove my ex-gf nutty. I keep tellin’ her it’s FASTER than if I had to take ’em off and find something to wear, THEN get down to sewing it. After it’s done, I’d still have to put ’em back on again.

    Too much work, and unnecessary changes of clothes.

    Men are more efficient this way :)

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