Having fun at the DIY car wash

Here’s a post about Piers washing his car. It’s very entertaining for me to take photos of him while he’s hard at work.


Piers washing his car


He usually takes his car to the automatic car wash but it’s hay fever season now and the trees in his car park are raining down pollen and leaves on a daily basis, making it stupid to spend £5 to wash it only to have it coated in gunk again the very next day.

Sometimes he gets a tree-free parking lot and his car is safe. But sometimes he doesn’t.

Sometimes the car gets only leaves, which is not so bad because they blow off. But sometimes it gets wind-and-rain-resistant pollen and the whole darn thing turns yellow.

(Sorry, don’t have a photo of the pollen version.)


Piers' car


So, we’d been driving around in a yellow car for almost a month before he finally got tired of it and decided to take the car to the DIY car wash, which he’d never used before and always wanted to try.

It’s a lot cheaper and looks somewhat fun. You put £1 in a machine and it gives you whatever you want, out of two hoses (shampoo, foam, wax, water, etc), for something like two minutes.


Car wash


If you’re not done by the time it runs out, you put more money in. Piers completed his wash in under £2.

It was really funny because he was trying to do it as fast as possible, and I wasn’t helping by hopping around to take photos from different angles while at the same time trying to avoid the foam and water splashing off the car.

Well, I helped by occasionally shouting out the time remaining, to keep Piers on the ball.

Foaming up the car:


Car wash


Car wash


Spray rinsing it:


Car wash


Car wash


It looked like he enjoyed it and might do it again.

The next day, when we drove back from the supermarket and he couldn’t get a tree-free parking lot, he started grumbling about the pollen situation again.

So I said, “You get to go to the DIY wash again.”

He didn’t say anything but maybe his eyes lit up a bit.

5 thoughts on “Having fun at the DIY car wash

  1. Avatar

    With more practice, it can be done in 2 minutes. Manage to do it on my 300ZX which is much bigger.

  2. Avatar

    next time you can dress sexily and help him wash the car okay? and then ask someone else to take pics of you washing the car. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. okay i jest. but tht wld make an awesome blogpost. hahhahahah

  3. Avatar

    @ionStorm: Haha yeah. I didn’t realise that until after a week of being in England, lol.

    @RN1209: I think it’s P18RSO. :P

    @The Goonfather: Not if you have pollen stuck on your entire car, I think.

    @Daphne Maia: Eh… no thanks :P

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