Pimping off the Goonfather

I was gonna unveil the Goonfather only after he’s achieved his target but then I decided now’s as good a time as any.

You can hardly recognise him now!

First, some background for my new readers.

The Goonfather is my ex. We’re still very good friends and still meet for drinks and stuff. He used to resemble a rapper in terms of style and a bouncer in terms of size.


The Goonfather in Jan 2009:

The Goonfather


The Goonfather’s best friend is Unker Kell, who is also a very good friend to me.

Together, they are like Laurel and Hardy, never a dull moment with them.


Dec 2009:

Unker Kell and The Goonfather


Jan 2010:

The Goonfather


Sep 2010:

The Goonfather


About half a year ago, the Goonfather underwent a gall bladder removal surgery, after which he had to watch his diet and count his calories.

He went to it with gusto, dragging Unker Kell along with him.

For several months now, besides eating discerningly, they have been gymming obsessively, first attending two times a week, then steadily progressing to six times a week.

So, I was understandably shocked when I met them after coming back from England, not having seen them in about three months or so.

Unker Kell hasn’t changed a whole lot in size, since he was already quite slender to begin with, but he seems to have become a mini Goonfather in style.

The Goonfather himself has become a totally different person, wearing skinny jeans and tight t-shirts (although they don’t look fitting anymore in the following photo because he is constantly shrinking).


May 2011:

The Goonfather


The Goonfather


And still the Goonfather isn’t satisfied. He’s an XL now and will only be happy to stop at M, with pecs and a six-pack. It might take another half a year or so. He just hurt his back and his doctor has banned him from gymming for two weeks at least.

While he feels encouraged about his transformation, it’s costing him a lot. He’s having to change his wardrobe every month, lol. But I have no doubt he will achieve his target soon.

By the way, he’s a very eligible bachelor. Good personality, gorgeous car, great job, loves children. (Unker Kell too, as a matter of fact.)

Any girls interested… PM me. I’m selling them off to the highest bidder!

I’d recommend buying them both as a package (I give package deal discount) for you and your girl friend because they’re really funny and entertaining together. Great for double dates.

Um… available for rent also.

Any takers?




(Okay, shall now have to go into hiding from them and maybe can’t blog for days. If I don’t appear for a week, call the homicide squad!)

14 thoughts on “Pimping off the Goonfather

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    wow goonfather. you’re the man! you look more handsome and manly than before. if only I have your determination n discipline.

  2. Avatar

    @TheGoonfather: Well done, bro! Hope you don’t lose the momentum and continue till you achieve your target:)

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