My delusional partner

I’ve been feeling really restless the past few days, not being able to do anything useful like blog, or even read a book or play a game.

That’s because it’s May! And May is the month I go back to England!




Piers and I have been counting down the days religiously since April 7 (when I arrived back in Singapore). And we’d felt discouraged all of April because it always seemed so far away and every day felt like three days.

To make himself feel better, he always employs delusion tactics to make the count seem less than it actually is.


For example:

Today is Tuesday, May 3.

I leave on Friday, May 13.

So that makes 10 days till I leave.

We had this conversation at around 5 pm (10 am his time). This wasn’t the first time we had a conversation like that.


Sheylara: Can’t stop feeling excited about how it’s almost single digit now!

Piers: OMG YES!!! OMG. It’s definitely single digit now! Just 9 days!

Sheylara: It’s still Tuesday! Not Wednesday! So 10 days!

Piers: Well, Tuesday is nearly finished already.

Sheylara: What! It’s just begun for you! It’s like 10 am!

Piers: So actually it’s more like 8 days!!!!

Sheylara: wtf.

Piers: Yes. Today is pretty much Wednesday already. Which means tomorrow is Thursday. And on Friday, it’s just 7 days until you leave! OMG 7 days!

Sheylara: WHAT!! Today is Tuesday! How can tomorrow be Thursday!

Piers: Duhhhh. Because it’s more or less Wednesday now, not Tuesday.

Sheylara: No it’s not.

Piers: Of course it is! Which means it’s nearly Thursday!

Sheylara: *roll eyes*

Piers: *huge grin*


I suppose I should feel really happy that he’s so excited to see me he can’t think straight.

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    seems grand enough for me… at least. i dont know much about the royal wedding but i’m reading ur romances/love story from courting till … marriage soon?

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