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Exactly two weeks from now, I will be on a plane to England to meet the love of my life, who will probably blush and fall off his chair when he reads what I just called him.

I love posting blogs about him when I’ve got him on video chat because I get to see his expressions when he reads them.

The moment he realises that he’s the subject of my current blog, he sort of goes bug-eyed and jumps in his seat so that he almost falls over. Then he grabs at his hair and makes traumatised faces as he laments, “What is this!!!!!”

Haven’t got a picture of his traumatised face but here’s his “Why are you photographing me?!” face.




So, the restless excitment in me made me do two very uncharacteristic things today.

First, I went online and read party manifestos for the Singapore General Elections 2011.

Despite having been apathetic about politics all my life, I can’t help but feel at least mildly excited about the current elections because of the crazy number of contested seats. The number of eligible voters has jumped from 1.2 million in the last elections (2006) to 2.3 million this year.

But, to be honest, I’m stressed about voting because I hate making decisions.

On the whole, I’m quite happy with what the ruling government has done for Singapore since 1965. I feel safe and comfortable and have a high level of self-worth directly proportional to my country’s standing against the rest of the world.

There are good and bad things in Singapore and that’s normal, isn’t it? I doubt any government in the world can eradicate all bad things in a country. So, even if we had a different government, we would still have both good and bad.

On the other hand, I would be quite excited to see change in the country. If the opposition were to win more seats, there would be gradual changes that would be interesting to observe and I love change, for better or for worse.

But, in any case, I don’t like having the responsibility of deciding a person’s future in the next five years. I’ll just feel so bad for whomever didn’t win because, personal profits aside, I’m sure elected MPs do strive, in their own ways, to make Singapore a better country.

Okay, make that the second uncharacteristic thing I did today, which is blog about politics and risk the wrath of rabid political followers from both camps who would declare I don’t know what I’m talking about (and they would be right).


Singapore electoral division map


The third uncharacteristic thing I did today was watch the British Royal Wedding on YouTube and BBC Online. (Had to watch on two channels because both video streams were unreliable and would freeze or lag or suddenly go dead.)

I’ve never been one to bother about other people’s affairs, much less the affairs of foreigners. But, several months back, I chanced upon an online article about Prince William and Kate Middleton and got a little intrigued because it was like a fairy tale, featuring a good-looking, intelligent couple and a commoner-turned-royal angle.

I was in England when I found out the wedding date.

I wasn’t particularly interested in joining the hysterical masses in celebrating the wedding but I was a bit tempted to stay on in England to witness it in person since I was already there, and thought it would be something fun to blog about.

But that would have meant extending my stay for another whole month, making my total stay three months.

Would have been too crazy. And my Nuffnang manager would kill me for being away for so long because she keeps having to tell sponsors that I can’t meet them or test their service or whatever because I’m out of the country.


The Royal Wedding


So, this afternoon, I woke Piers up (I was being his alarm clock) and we got on video chat. It was 8 am his time and a public holiday since it’s the Royal Wedding. He turned on his TV and it was showing guests arriving at the Westminster Abbey to wait for the wedding service which would be happening three hours later.

Why do they need to go sit at the church for hours and hours before the ceremony starts?

Anyway, since Piers had that on TV, I also wanted to watch it, so went searching for online broadcasts.

Turned out to be quite exciting seeing a handsome prince marry a beautiful princess-to-be. Made me a bit teary, even.

Kate’s wedding dress is gorgeous, which is really saying a lot coming from me because I dislike about 85% of wedding dresses I see. And I like how she wore her hair down, unlike 95% of brides who wear them up.

I used to have this stress about getting married and having to wear my hair up, wondering if people would think I was being disrespectful or radical if I wore it down.

Anyway, here are some screenshots I took off the YouTube live broadcast, fed by BBC, I think.


The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


Oh, more excitement: Apparently, the iPad 2 launched today. Funny I’m not seeing much hooha about that online.

No one cares about the iPad 2?

It’s really great. I love mine so much. And Piers got his three days ago and he takes it everywhere with him.

We can Facetime on it! Tried to FaceTime on it yesterday when I was out in Bugis. But I think Wireless@SG sucks or something cos our call would connect but then the video would freeze and we wouldn’t be able to communicate.

Using FaceTime on my home wifi is fine and the video is smooth and clear.

Will try to get a screenshot of it next time we FaceTime.


iPad 2


Okay, last exciting thing I want to talk about.

A new concept store by Dell for the Alienware launched today at Suntec City. Before this, you could only get Alienware machines online, so this is awesome!

I will be attending the launch events as the official Alienware blogger, tomorrow and Sunday. Hope to see some familiar faces there.

Alienware is so very cool!


Alienware store launch


Two weeks from now. Sounds so soon but yet an eternity away. So excited to be taking a direct flight this time. Will only take 13 hours compared to 17-19 hours the last time.

My flight is at 11 pm. Don’t think I’ll be able to sleep!!

Too much excitement. So torturous.

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