Progressing in Wing Chun

Did my first Wing Chun grading yesterday after attending only about 10 classes, possibly fewer, didn’t really count.

Grading is conducted every three months, so you go for it when it happens, ready or not, or wait for three more months.


Wing Chun


The results will be out in a few days or so, by which time I’ll be back in Singapore, boohoo.

It’s been fun! Would have to continue in Singapore, cos I can’t lose to Piers too much! Am currently three grades behind him.


Wing Chun


Watching the seniors do their grading was really cool. I have tons of photos, badly taken ones cos the room was backlit as you can see, but I’ll share them when I get back to Singapore.

Am leaving in two days. Yes, finally. No more extending this time, haha. Got meetings and interviews and stuff lined up back home so I think if I still don’t go back, I will get killed.

See you all in Singapore soon!

8 thoughts on “Progressing in Wing Chun

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    @Sheylara: I’m sorry, I must have something in my eye, coz I could’ve sworn I read something about you actually coming back home…:P Hehe, definitely looking forward to that:D

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    So sad that you’re leaving. I’ve been enjoying your posts in England so much I feel like you live there now. Nonetheless, have a safe flight back! :)

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    Sheylara, the concentration on your face and technique is impressive, your stance is spot on, just by that photo you look a natural. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Piers, his feet are pointing inwards which makes him look very ‘special’ and off balance, his concentration on his face is non existent. He would not make it in my Dojo in his current state, however, Practice Makes perfect.

    Sad to read that your leaving the UK, have a safe journey home x

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    Chuck you are way outta line, they both look pretty good to me. No place for dance in the UFC though, but they look good. Have a safe trip darlin.

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