Piers courts Sheylara in The Sims Medieval

When I first started playing The Sims Medieval, where I made myself Queen of England, I decided to make Piers a knight because I thought it would be amusing to see a knight court a queen.

Not that I have visions of grandeur or anything, but the game forces you to be a monarch when you start, so you either have to be a king or queen, okay?

Because I bought the Collector’s Edition, I get a variety of castle themes to choose from: Barbarian Stronghold, Princess Dream Castle and Sorceror’s Lair.

No prizes for guessing which one I chose. =D


The Sims Medieval Princess Dream Castle


This is the default castle for the normal edition:


The Sims Medieval default castle


Quite nice, too.

The Sims Medieval is different from other Sims games, being quest-based rather than freestyle. You start off playing the monarch but, as the game progresses, you create other professions (knight, physician, spy, priest, blacksmith, etc) and you control a different sim depending on what quest you choose to embark on.

All the sims you create live in the same kingdom and can interact with one another.


The Sims Medieval - At the clinic


Anyway, Piers was the first sim I created after myself. We were on Gtalk video while I was creating him.

(I’ve got Gtalk video on my Macbook while I play on my PC, so he can watch me play while watching TV, and I can watch him watch TV while I play, etc. In this way, we feel like we’re doing stuff together.)

Anyway, I told him to look straight in the camera so I could compare and make his character look exactly like him.

He said, “You mean you can make sims that ugly?”

Haha. So annoyingly modest!

Once I got it as near his likeness as possible, I excitedly MSNed him the screenshot:


The Sims Medieval - Piers


The first thing he said was, “This dude is far better looking than me!”

Then, he said, “Show me you, show me you!”

I hesistantly MSNed him a screenshot of me.

I could see his face change from excited to disbelief as the picture loaded up on his MSN.

“Why are you blonde?!!!” he cried.


The Sims Medieval - Sheylara



I really wanted this hairstyle and it looked better blonde than dark brown!

Anyway, I started up another quest in the game.

As I was doing my rounds and gossiping with a villager to socialise with my citizens, the villager shared a piece of juicy gossip with me:

“I heard that Sir Piers has been courting two maidens at the palace and neither of them know about each other!”

So mean! My character hadn’t even met him in the game yet!

I yelled into the Gtalk camera at Piers, “You are two-timing!! And I’m not even one of them!”

“What, what?!” he said bewilderedly.

But before I could get really mad at him, I realised that it was probably my fault because I had given him the trait of Courtly Love when I made him, and that probably made him a bit flirtatious.

(I had also given myself that same trait and had noticed my character making eyes at handsome strangers, lol.)

So I deleted the whole game and started over, recreating myself and him. =P


The Sims Medieval - Sheylara


I sacrificed my favourite hairstyle so I could have hair colour closer to my actual colour, but she still doesn’t look too much like me since the models are all Caucasian.

Piers looks a bit different now. I think maybe the previous one looks more like him.


The Sims Medieval - Piers


The Sims Medieval - Piers


The real Piers:


Sheylara and Piers


Once that was done, I started a new quest for a knight so I could control Piers and make him court me.


He was very good at it, winning my affections in no time.

So fun making him be nice to me and all. =P


Piers pays homage to me:


The Sims Medieval - Piers pays homage


That was our first introduction!

I had given him the trait “Family Love” this time (not very useful for a knight, but who cares) so he’s always thinking about having a family and stuff, lol.


The Sims Medieval - Piers thinking about family


First private chat where he praises my beauty:


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara



Both of us got along really well really quickly and I didn’t waste time developing a friendship. After a few friendly greetings, I made Piers move into romancing, heh.


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


So, it was that simple.

Seems a lot easier to form relationships in here than in previous Sims games!

I decided not to go any further just to draw out the suspense a little bit.

Anyway it was nearing night and Piers was tired.

I made him sneak into the royal bed once Sheylara was already sleeping, lol.


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


And then the next day…

First kiss!


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


And then….

The proposal!!


LOL so fast right?


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


That’s all for now.

We’re not going to get married yet because I haven’t built a church in the kingdom.

So we’re just betrothed for now.

Okay, a brief comment about the game.

I hated it at first because when I first started, the game made me do all sorts of stupid things like collect wood, cook my own meals, fight off a bandit and send a town bully to the stocks and throw eggs at him.

That was nuts because I thought I was a queen. Since when did queens have to do all these things themselves?

Plus the game wouldn’t allow me to save when I was in the middle of the quest and a quest could be like half an hour or two hours long, depending on how well you want to do it.

And the new gameplay format confused me, and I didn’t like having to use different sims for different quests


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


But after playing more hours, it started growing on me. Once I understood how the game operated, I started having fun.

The game did crash once while I was playing (lots of complaints online about crashes and bugs for this game) but otherwise, everything is great.

Now Piers wants to play, too.

He says HE wants to be king and not just a knight, so he needs his own game.

So silly!

But he should be receiving his iPad soon, so I don’t think he’ll have time for anything else!

Oh, I’m going make all the other sim professions people I know.

I’ve already made Minou the physician.


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


Looks like her or not?


Sheylara and Minou


Piers has to keep going to see her because his knightly duties always make him injured.

Here is Minou operating on Piers. LOL.


The Sims Medieval - Piers and Sheylara


If you scroll up to see the third picture in this post, that’s Minou applying first aid on Piers. It’s very funny first time you see it in the game!

Other professions left to be created: Merchant, Bard, Jacoban Priest, Peteran Priest, Spy, Wizard, Blacksmith.

Hmm, wonder who of my friends to put into which roles!


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    That last pics look like Minou is goingto do more than just operate on Piers. The way she holds that knife looks scary (from a guy’s POV) :)

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