My love story (abridged)

I didn’t intend to blog about my relationship with Piers until much later because I thought it would make a better story later. It’s only a good story after it’s lasted for a while, isn’t it?

But I was shocked by the response when we “announced” our status in Facebook.

I kind of did it out of mischievous impulse. Did it in the middle of the night when I thought no one would notice cos people were either asleep or out partying and wouldn’t be checking Facebook.

Thought the status update would pass by unseen and get buried. And then maybe some time later, a friend might accidentally notice it in my profile and kinda do a double take and that would be very funny to me.

So I was really shocked when, within seconds of posting, friends started liking it and commenting on it. It made me kind of embarrassed. Piers and I were OMG-ing away to each other on MSN as more and more responses came in.


Facebook status


Of course, it made me happy to have nice, supportive friends. Was just very embarrassed about people making a big deal.

So, anyway, we have a story but I still think I should tell the full version later cos it’s very long and convoluted.

So here is a short version. I think people are expecting it.



Piers and Sheylara


We’ve been friends on Plurk for almost two years now. We were both attached when we knew each other. But even if we hadn’t been, I doubt we’d have had been attracted to each other romantically, seeing as how we were from different sides of the world and seemingly completely different people, and I didn’t fancy dating Caucasians, having tried it once ages ago.

So, when he invited me to England, it was innocent. He knew from Plurk that I needed to get away from Singapore, and his parents needed a housesitter while they all went away on holiday, so it was a perfect plan.

He was single then. I was attached but precariously so. When I arrived in England, I continued having trouble with my relationship and we finally broke up for good. That was like the fifth breakup in a span of three months or so and I felt I needed to let go of it completely and finally or be traumatised by it forever.

Then Piers came back from his holiday and we started hanging out. He wasn’t wooing me or anything. He was just being a nice English gentleman. He stayed at his parents’ house while I stayed in his apartment.

We got along very well and discovered we were alike in so many ways. I discovered that he had more Asian values than many Asians I knew so, by the middle of the week, I fell in love with him. But I didn’t do anything because I’m always too shy to make the first move, plus I didn’t think he’d be interested in me at all.

He, on the other hand, found me attractive but thought I’d never be interested in him, so was totally happy with just being good friends with me.

But maybe the mutual attraction grew stronger and stronger. Near the time I was supposed to return to Singapore, we suddenly found ourselves holding hands and kissing (in very G-rated ways!!!). He is such a perfect gentleman it’s almost hard to believe it.


Piers and Sheylara


Okay, this is a bit embarrassing so I will move on.

(He hates that photo. I think he’s gonna kill me for putting it up, haha.)

((Maybe he will kill me for blogging this at all!))

Some of you might think I was on the rebound but it wasn’t like that. Can’t really explain it without going into detail.

So I extended my stay in England and we got closer every day.

Now that I’m back in Singapore and we’re missing each other like crazy, we cannot deny that we’re madly in love and totally committed to each other and willing to brave a long distance relationship.

Hence the Facebook status.

Okay, that’s all. Yes, that was the super short version of the story and it’s already so long.

That’s why I never intended to blog about it until much later… when I have time to write a book… if we’re still together by then… which I hope we will… because it’s quite a crazy story. To us, anyway.

Don’t know what else to say now.

Never blogged about my love life before so it’s a bit weird!

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    I haven’t read your blog in about a year. Now I’ve started again though I feel I’ve missed out on so much but anyway, Congrats to the both of you!!!

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    So lovely to see you two together and hope you are together again soon! So good to see my brother looking so happy and so pleased that you feel the same. L xx

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    Can you feel it my Brothers and Sisters, love is all around. Forget the Royal wedding, this is where the real love is. What a handsome white man you have in your life, he looks so innocent that he dare hurt a flea. This makes The Dudester a very happy man. May the love continue to grow in this fine relationship.

    Peace my Brother & Sister, One Love

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    Yayyyy was waiting for this!!! :) Congratulations, guys! I feel like I’ve followed you from your journey in England back to Singapore. Can’t wait for the wedding! :)

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    HI was the trip nice because reading it all maid me cry i all ways wants to be abrid but never happen but all the luck to you and me may be you can pray for me in your world because in mine its never going down have a bigg parity send us all pictures! of it all jumping the broom like my mommy say Congratulations on it all but can i be add it to your list please to try to be a winner in my town but if not giving out no more good can i have some of your old clothing that do not fit you please its still like i had won thank this is so sweet

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    you 2 make a good looking couple, that said I am truely happy for you. On that note, MORE GAME REVIEWS please :P, just joking, glad things are working out for you.

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    Excellent news! Congrats! Being in a long distance relationship myself, I will say that there’re more testing times than most, but if it works out, the relationship will be for keeps.

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    Long distance relationships are the best ever. The most interesting stories come from it ’cause you have to do a lot of sacrifices to make it work.

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    @Chong: Go make your own R rated stuff! :P

    @Aerlinniel: Thanks, dear! :)

    @Duelist: lol yeah, I’ll remember that.

    @Wilfrid: Thanks for your kind words!! :)

    @tvbaddict: Haha. I’m very happy. Cheers!

    @naeboo: Thanks! :)

    @Kuan Yik: Thanks!

    @tstar: lol I sound awkward right? Thanks for the congrats!

    @Arachno: Thank you!

    @Lobo: A YEAR?!! Haha. Thanks for reading again and don’t go away again! ;)

    @twiinklex: Wowow thanks for superlike! :P

    @Kim: Erm… no need to kua zhang I think? :P

    @Big Sis: Oh wow, thanks for dropping a message. You’re so nice! :) Can’t wait to be back to meet all of you again.

    @Brother Love @Dudelove: Indeed what a cute couple you make too. :)

    @tiger4: Thank you thank you! *blush* lol

    @Jazz: Wow, all the best for your LDR too! :)

    @Aicee: Haha, thanks!

    @Belly B: What! Haha. You’re so cute. Thank you for following! ;)

    @Africa Allen: Aww, thanks for your message. Hope nice things happen to you. :)

    @richard: Thanks!

    @Ava: Thanks!!

    @Naiveguy: HAhaa… I’ll try, lol. No time to play games recently. Thanks thanks! :)

    @Krusty: Aww, that’s so nice to hear. Thanks! Good luck with your LDR too! :)

    @Stephanie: Heh, I never thought of it that way! Are you in a LDR too?

    @Cindy: Thanks! :)

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    Can you upload more pics of your boyfriend, I’m developing a small crush on him. He’s simply divine darling. If only he was gay, I’d show him a thing or two. Your lucky girl you, jealous jealous jealous :D x

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    Congrats to you guys, you both look perfect together, and most importantly its great to see the happy and cheerful Sheylara back since you guys have been together. All the best

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    I knew it!! You’ve been ‘accidentally maybe’ dropping hints about it on the the pictures you posted on your blogs about your European trip. Congratulations! Hope it will work out and both of you will be happy forever after.

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    @Jason: LOL. Thanks for your entertaining comment. :)

    @Lx: Aww thanks, that’s a really sweet comment! :)

    @nadnut: Thanks!!!

    @Pat: lol… thanks for following our journey and for your well wishes! :)

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