Like stupid lovestruck teenagers

I have been home in Singapore for about 12 days now.

And Piers just had a phone conversation with his mum, in which she had asked whether he had heard from me at all after I left, to which he had simply said, “Yes.”


Piers on the phone


Understatement of the year!

He had neglected to tell her that we’re in contact, like, 12 hours a day, every day.


We Gtalk for 10 minutes when he wakes up in the morning (7 am his time, 2 pm my time). An hour later, we’re on MSN, chatting periodically while he’s at work. That lasts for nine hours.

We get on Gtalk video once he’s home (5:30 pm his time, 12:30 am my time) and we video chat for three or four hours before I go to bed.

A few times a day, he calls me on the phone and we talk for 10 minutes or so.

Well, okay, it’s not like that every single day. Sometimes I’m out for appointments and we can only text each other occasionally. And sometimes he’s busy at work and I’m also busy blogging or something.

It’s really hard missing someone.

So, I’ve planned my next trip to England already. Next month! =D


Flight itinerary


Mosaiced the details in case got stalker. But I guess it’s easy to find out, anyway, lol.

Piers insisted on paying for my ticket, so he booked the flight for me after we finished discussing dates.

It’s surprisingly cheap for British Airways. Direct flight for $1556! (Thanks to Elyxia for the tip!) That’s almost the same price I paid for Qatar Airways with a stupid stopover at Doha Airport, which is not too bad to wait at, but a huge pain transferring from airport lounge to plane cos it’s so damn far away.

Anyway, Piers was booking my flight in his office and we were chatting through MSN, both of us very excited about having a firm date to look forward to now.


MSN conversation


Like stupid lovestruck teenagers.

And then, after he was done booking it, he sent me the eticket number in MSN.

The next thing, he was, like, “WHAT IS THIS?!?!?”

A big parcel I had sent him from Singapore had arrived at his office the very moment he completed the eticket transaction!

Oh, I forgot to take photos of his presents, but I had sent him an Angry Birds stuffed toy and an iPad 2 case.

He Plurked it, though, so there’s one lousy photo.




Piers’ Plurk photo:


Angry Bird


I couldn’t find any third-party iPad 2 cases in England. So stupid right? Singapore doesn’t even have the iPad 2 yet but our stores are overrun with cases for them already.

I hate the iPad 2 Smart Cover. It’s so ugly and stupid and doesn’t protect the back and makes you drop your iPad on the floor cos the cover is attached by magnet. Regret buying it.

I got Piers an Angry Birds stuffie because he’s a big fan of the game and also because he had complained about having nothing to hug after I was gone home.

I have Nemo.

I had made Piers buy him for me in Disney Baby Paris so I would have something to remind me of him. =P




Angry Bird will come in handy when I’m in England and need something to throw at him when he’s being naughty.

(I think he might throw it at me first for posting our embarrassing MSN conversation here. I’m so evil. =P)

Am planning to be in England for a total of six months this year and that means two more separate trips after this May-June one!

Piers can only come to Singapore once, and maybe for only about three weeks, because he’s got more binding work commitments.

Can’t wait!


25 thoughts on “Like stupid lovestruck teenagers

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    “Angry Bird will come in handy when I’m in England and need something to throw at him when he’s being naughty.” <— hahahaha!!!!

  2. Avatar

    Reading this post made me miss msgf so damn much now :'( …. am really envious of you guys..!

    I’ll be taking leave in June, perhaps this time we’ll be able to meet up in London yo!! :D

  3. Avatar


    Tell Piers to come to Spore around 14 Aug. Josias is having his party then. Josias would like to meet Uncle Piers too! So so happy for you!

  4. Avatar

    So AWWWW… I get goosebumps just from reading this. I’m so excited for you to go to England again! More adventures and happy pictures! :D Woot!

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    Whenever i hear about relationships like this, it makes me believe in love and people actually doing everything possible to make it work.

    Cuando escucho aerca de relaciones como esta, me hace creer en el amor y en que la gente realmente hace todo lo posible por hacerla funcionar.

  6. Avatar

    How come I never gotten an angry birds stuff toy! And it was just my birthday too! Hrrummpp!

    Kidding! I vote someone legalize travel via teleporter right now just for the 2 of you!

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    I am really happy for u both! Reading your post makes me feel there is so much meaning and love in life. :)

    But don’t mind me asking, Shey… Really, how do you (or Piers also) earn $$ when you get to travel so often and be away from home?

    I think it is an understatement when I say many people are VERY envious to be in your situation. Many are held down by stressful jobs working 5 1/2 days/week wishing they could take a good holiday without worrying about the expenses and bills to be paid!

    Or do you rely on being paid on your blogs or other things you do even when you travel overseas?

    Have fun!

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    Thats nice, its great to be able to drop everythinga nd fly off to somewhere else. I wish I could do that too, but alas, i will miss my cats if I did that too often.

  9. Avatar

    @Aerlinniel: Haha. I can see you’re happiest when it comes to disturbing Piers. :P

    @Stan: Awww. Hope you and msgf get to be together soon. Okay, see you in London then!! :P

    @Mosoky: Thank you! :)

    @Minou: lol, what are you going to do to him next time?

    @Adrienne: Okay, sure. :) I’ve only tried Four Seasons roast duck!

    @Ju Ann: Thanks! :)

    @Faith: Oops, I will be in England for the whole of August, cos that’s between both our birthdays. Gonna miss you in Singapore!! :(

    @Aftiel: OMG wow!! How long are you staying there? What time are you arriving? :P

    @Krusty: Thanks much!!

    @JayWalk: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr. TMI.

    @Belly B: Awwww, you’re so sweet as usual. Thanks for your sweet comments!

    @tstar: LOL *blush* thanks :P

    @Kev D: Thank you! So nice of you. :)

    @Stephanie: Wow, thanks for saying that!

    @piers: :( :)

    @Chong: Okay, waiting for you to move things along :P

    @greg: Thanks for sharing your views! So nice. :) Technically, I can still do advertorials when I’m in England, and I get paid for them. But those are really really rare. Most of the time, I need to be in Singapore to get jobs. So, when I’m there, I just earn less money and live on my savings. That’s why Piers insisted on paying for my ticket. :P

    @Naiveguy: Aww, yeah, it’s so hard to do stuff when you have committments. :(

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    Hmm the man must be really in love if all he does is write you loving comments after you posted that chat up here. I have to agree that is pretty EVIL ;)

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    SIA, reaching Heathrow at 330pm, staying for like 4 days then Edinburgh, Dublin & Glasgow, then back to london. maybe can meet up with u! family trip, so if i do meet up with u, bring me somewhere, uh… non family friendly? gee.. miss drinking with my favourite drunk shey! :D

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    Along Shaftesbury Ave #76 Young Cheng – Cheap & Good HK food.
    Along Gerrard Street #30 Gerrard’s Corner – Try the dim sum in the day time.

    4-8 Newport Place – Jen Cafe (China dumplings. I love to drink hot almond milk there during the winter :P)

    Walk towards the end of Newport Court (heading towards charing cross road), left corner you will find Korean food and further down its left (along charing cross rd) you will find Malaysian & Thai food. (I’vent try the korean/malaysia/thai cuisine though :P)

    Enjoy your trip ^_^

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