Finally back home after loads of travelling, the latest one of which was two months in England.

Thoughts and impressions:


[At the airport]


It’s nice to be back where everything is familiar. Feel comfortable seeing fellow Singaporeans.

Automated clearance. Best!

No immigration officers asking for my life story!


[Outside the airport]

So hot. So, so hot.


[In the cab]

OMG finally can get online. 3G is a girl’s best friend. Way way way better than diamonds.


[Nearing home]

Woah! What happened to my neighbourhood?

All flats repainted. Public areas renovated. Like, new plants, new benches, fresh paint.

Very nice. But I haven’t voted for yonks cos the GRCs I’m in are always walkovers so I don’t really care.



Dad says, very nice, I have put on weight.

Yeurgh! Must go on diet immediately!

Home still looks exactly the same as when I left it.


[In my room]

Bad memories still linger. Shall not think about it.

First things first. Turn on PC!

PC with huge Alienware keyboard and mouse feels weird after using Macbook for so long. Dual monitors so huge I feel almost blinded.

Keep trying to do CMD-C CMD-V instead of CTRL-C CTRL V. Argh.

What shall I eat for my first meal back in Singapore?

A bit stressed. Tons of appointments to make and errands to do. Yeeeeeh income tax deadline! =(

Missing England. Think I left a piece of my heart there.

8 thoughts on “Homecoming

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    Wuah! You’re not in Europe anymore! :( :P Hope you had a blast! Next time I will show you Norway and all our trolls. Tsktsk.

    Good luck with the jetlag. ^-^

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    @Sheylara: I think you left more than just a piece of your heart back there *winks* Still, its great that you’re safely here:) A new chapter begins!

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    Welcome back to Singapore (even though I’m not physically there atm haha). I’m pretty sure you’ll be making another trip to England soon after dealing with the To-Do list ;)

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