Hello from Bath

I just found out that the City of Bath (in England) has more than 60 churches. Is that crazy or what?

Here’s one we bumped into today as we randomly walked around the city. We didn’t have time to really look at it, so I had to google its name after we got back to our hotel at night.


Bath Abbey


Luckily, it’s one of the more famous churches in Bath, so I found it easily. It’s called Bath Abbey and it was founded in 1499, although the very original church that stood on that spot was built in the 8th Century.


I love old buildings.

Bath has so much history and is really beautiful. I wish we could stay here for more days, but we’re only here for a night so can’t see much.

Oh, well, maybe next time.

One thought on “Hello from Bath

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    ..your still enjoying England then?! :)

    Wow..not been to Bath for years…more a shower man these days lol

    The weather has picked up its coat tails a bit now..which is a bonus for ya..much better for sight seeing. Rain=booooooooooo lol

    Keep up the good times Q :)

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