Getting married and having a kid

I have been gaming too much lately, so my mind is swimming in games, so I don’t want to blog about anything else.

lol sorry.

The good news is that I’m getting bored with The Sims Medieval already because I feel stressed having to level up all my 10 heroes so that my kingdom has good people to serve everyone’s needs.

It’s not fun having to learn how to play so many different characters. I’m the kind of gamer who likes to focus on one character and make her very good.

So I will now finish up the story of Piers’ courtship of Sheylara. =D

I’ve built the church in my kingdom so all that’s left to do is have the wedding!


The Sims Medieval


So, one afternoon, after Sheylara had finished up her royal duties of governing the kingdom, she went searching for Piers and said, “Let’s go have our wedding now!”

He said okay and started walking to the church ahead of her.

Quite rude!

He got to the church and stood at the pulpit waiting.


The Sims Medieval


It was a small, humble church. Nothing fancy. And the bride and groom didn’t have wedding clothes. Quite pathetic, really. Nothing like what a Royal Wedding should look like.

But there was a cheap special effect of the crazy priest beaming down from the ceiling in a shaft of sparkly light.


The Sims Medieval


He started mumbling what priests are supposed to mumble at weddings while the guests stood around not paying attention, instead chatting with one another. Piers and Sheylara waited impatiently.

Then it was time to exchange rings and seal it with a kiss.


The Sims Medieval


The Sims Medieval


Married! =)

After the very unceremonious wedding, it was woohoo time!

For those who don’t play The Sims, “woohoo” is the term used for, um, consummating a marriage. Or a relationship.

So that it’s safe for kids to play and they don’t learn words they’re not supposed to.


The Sims Medieval




The Sims Medieval


And… done!


The Sims Medieval


Two days later, Sheylara got pregnant!

Yeah, you do have to move things along in a game. Can’t have everything happen real-time or the game would be obsolete by the time anything significant happens.

A village child feeling her tummy:


The Sims Medieval


One day later, the child was ready to be born!

Sheylara stood in the throne room of the castle yelling in pain while her servants stared at her in shock.

Piers was training at the training yard and totally oblivious to even the fact that his wife was pregnant.


The Sims Medieval


The baby was born right there and then.

It’s a boy!



The Sims Medieval


The Sims Medieval


After cuddling and feeding the baby, Sheylara went upstairs to sleep.

Piers came home while she was sleeping.

He saw the baby in the throne room and said, “Oh! What a cute baby! Who left it here?!”

Then he picked it up and instinctively knew that it was his baby.



The Sims Medieval


The Sims Medieval


He played with the baby for a few hours then went to bed.

Two days later, baby Anthony grew up and became, like, eight years old or something.


The Sims Medieval


The Sims Medieval


Children in The Sims are randomly generated by the game, so it’s funny that Piers’ boy looks like Piers did when he was a boy himself. Haha. Got the same hair colour and style!

While all this was happening in the game, I was giving real-life Piers a running commentary. He was at the time playing Grand Theft Auto on the Xbox.

He managed to get excited about it even though his game was probably more exciting since it involved car chases and helicopter shootouts.

He said, “Woohoo again so we can have a girl next!”

Stupid men! You think giving birth is so easy meh!

Okay, I suppose it is, in games.

In games, you can do stuff that you can’t just do in real life without first stressing about the consequences.

And that’s why I play games!

7 thoughts on “Getting married and having a kid

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    Alamak! I thought you really having kids! Monster, if you going to have kids, have a girl! Then I can buy pretty clothes. And who knows, Josias might want to date her. And we’ll be family! Wait, I forgot that we already family. Darn!

  2. Avatar

    You didn’t mention how I found the baby lying on a chair in the throne room whilst you went upstairs to sleep!

    What a bad mother!!! There’s no way Sir Piers would do such a thing. I just hope you learn from your mistakes for the sake of our future children :p

  3. Avatar

    @Ju Ann: :)

    @Faith: Haha. We can’t control the gender of our babies can we?

    @Stephan: Thanks! :)

    @tvbaddict: What do you mean?

    @piers: First of all, he was a boy then, not a baby. And secondly, it’s the father’s job to buy the furniture. Someone forgot to buy a bed for his son! :P

  4. Avatar

    What! Why didn’t you tell me he needed a bed? So he had to sleep on a chair until he was 8 years old? OMG, he’s not a cat!!!

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