FaceTiming on the iPad 2

I FaceTimed Piers today so he could watch me eat my dinner at Burger King.

It was after my Alienware launch event and I thought I was going to have to eat alone. Luckily, he was able to get on FaceTime so I had company!

I managed to get a corner table and propped my iPad 2 on it. I’m using a Viva hard case so it’s able to stand up both lengthwise and heightwise.

Piers had woken up not so long ago and was still in bed with bed hair. Haha.


FaceTime on iPad 2


I wasn’t able to hear him very well cos of the ambient noise around me and had to occasionally put my ear at the speaker and make him repeat what he said. Otherwise, we were able to have a decent conversation while I munched on my burger and fries.

No one arrested me for insanity, talking and giggling at a gadget for 20 minutes.

The only annoying thing about FaceTime is that it requires Wifi to work (not 3G) and you need a pretty strong signal.

It also works if you have a 3G phone that can act as a hotspot. I tethered my iPhone 4 to the iPad and got a really good connection. Very smooth, no lag at all.

The sharpness of the picture is inconsistent. Sometimes it feels almost HD clear, sometimes it gets pixelated, especially if your partner moves around too much.

Here’s a screenshot taken on the iPad:


FaceTime on iPad 2


On the whole, I think it’s really great being able to video chat on the go. Of course, you do want to find a pretty private space to conduct your video chats, which is quite tough in Singapore, but I don’t think it’s a huge issue.

The Alienware event was great but I’ll blog about it next week.

Gonna be there again tomorrow (1 pm to 4 pm) so go check it out. At Suntec City.

15% off Alienware machines this weekend!! It’s too good to miss!!!!!!


Sheylara with Alienware m14x


3 thoughts on “FaceTiming on the iPad 2

  1. Avatar

    Dear Sheylara,

    I’ve seen you today at your media appearance at the Alienware event. I was one of those who queued up to challenge you in the hopes of getting the free gift. I didn’t win, of course, because you are very good at the game, and I accept my loss honorably, but I have a little gripe

    My point of contention is this: while you let a cute little Indian girl walk away with the prize, even though she played badly, you had no such mercy in dealing with the other challengers. While I completely respect your right to play as you please, in public events where merit is encouraged it would be wise to at least maintain a veneer of impartiality.

    The girl definitely played worse than some of the challengers I’ve seen, yet you purposely let her win. While I understand your compulsion, it would be better if you were meritocratic and, as the saying goes, let the best man win.

    Having said that, you were a joy to be around and I’m sure Alienware did not regret its decision in inviting you to turn up.

    Thank you.

  2. Avatar

    Dear Impartiality,

    I have considered your opinion and feel that you are absolutely right. It was very wrong and unprofessional of me to allow my soft spot for little girls to get the better of me. I sincerely apologise for that. Thank you for bringing it up, for it will serve as a reminder for me to act with more impartiality in the future. :D

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge and being a good sport! I really feel bad that not everyone got to go home with the prize. :(


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