Unboxing a toaster because I didn’t get an iPad 2

March 25, 2011, England

iPad 2 launch day.

At about 5:20 pm, Piers and I walked through the Bournemouth Town Centre to buy a toaster because his old one had wheat bugs in it and he had thrown it out.

I had considered buying an iPad 2 on launch day but at the same time didn’t want to queue for hours (or days) just to get something I can get later without queueing.

We passed by the local Apple retailer and there was a longish queue. Not that bad.


iPad 2 queue


But not short enough.

We went and bought the toaster, then went to the supermarket to get groceries.

An hour later, we walked back past the Apple store again and the queue had shortened to about 10 people. Fewer, I think.

I was like, “OMG I can get an iPad 2 NOW.”

But Piers had been trying to dissuade me from buying one for days.


“You already have an iPad! You don’t need another one!”

“Yes I do!”

“It’s so expensive! Don’t waste your money!”

“But I need one!”


“Cos the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter and has a camera!”

“So what!”

“So I need one!”


Something like that.

Anyway, I didn’t jump in the queue because I was holding grocery bags and Piers was holding grocery bags in one hand and a hugeass toaster under another arm.

We went back to the store later but it was already closed.

So we went back to the apartment again and Piers said, “Don’t be sad. Look, you have a new toaster! You can blog about getting a new toaster! Everyone’s gonna be so jealous!”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, “That’s very exciting.”

It’s so exciting I’m gonna do an unboxing.





















Okay that’s all for the unboxing.

Now a very short review.

This amazing Breville toaster can toast four half bagels all at once and the bagels all came out nice and toasted!

Wow, what an awesome toaster!




Okay, enough.

In the meantime, how?

Should I buy an iPad 2 in England, or wait till Singapore gets it? Or get someone to buy one from the USA?

Or should I even buy one at all?


I want one, nevertheless! =D

19 thoughts on “Unboxing a toaster because I didn’t get an iPad 2

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    well, 1 vote in support to get.. sell ur ipad away… Don’t get it in singapore though.. not worthwhile manx when you know what prices other places are selling at.. I want one too =)…

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    You are already fortunate enough to own an iPAD 1. Why do you need something which is just an upgraded version of something you already own? Money is meant to be spend some and save some. Not spend all of it.

    The toaster is seriously awesome and I am not kidding. You can toast bread and it looks nicer then I expected. I only had the kind of toaster where you put the sandwich inside and have to close a heavy and hot lid on it. I never had one which I always see in movies/videos where you stuff it in and it pops out.

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    The toaster IS awesome! Could’ve bought 25 of them for the price of and iPad 2 – that’s 100 slices of toast in one go! :D

    And the iPad can’t even make toast :p

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    WOW, YOU GOT A TOASTER! I am still eating soft bread everyday. lol

    Like Duelist says, why buy something that is not much difference from one you already owned. Save the cash for something else. Repeat after me, “It’s a want NOT a need” ;)

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    in my opinion, you should get an ipad2! nobody wants an Apple product until they have seen it and touch it themselves..

    if you ever own any recent apple products in your life, you should know that there is no close substitute for it…yet(except for Ipod, in my opinion, is an overpriced mp3 player)

    same thing applies for Ipad2, despite it is an upgraded version of Ipad1, I think the feeling of owning an Ipad2 is so much different compared to you having an Ipad1…same function, different emotion ^^ (did I mention all of us like faster, thinner and lighter computers? =D)

    as for your Ipad1, I see no reason why you should be keeping it, unless you decided to keep it for personal reason or use as backup device(which is a waste, in my opinion).

    Conclusion: Selling your Ipad1 and upgrade to Ipad2 wont cost you an arm and a leg, therefore I think you should upgrade. As i do not know the launch date of Ipad2 in Singapore, I could not advice you whether to buy in Singapore or England. Anyway, if you are paying similar prices, why should you wait?

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    Awesome looking toaster!! More pictures!! :P

    Buy the iPad2! Else you spend the rest of the days thinking and thinking. Just buy it!

    After getting the iPad2 and you finding your iPad1 occupying to much space, I can help to safe keep it without a cost.

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    SL is selling ipad 2 for $1.7K for non 3G and over 2K for 3G version, those are insanely high prices since the ipad 2 is due to launch in sg in april.

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    @Sheylara: That toaster looks like it should cameo on the upcoming Transformers 3 movie spin-off – Dark of the Toast:P

  9. Avatar

    @Mosoky: Thanks for your vote. :P

    @Belly B: lol, thanks. But don’t encourage Piers!! LOL.

    @Mince Pye: You too. -_-

    @ionStorm: YOU TOO. !!

    @Ryangel: lol thanks for your review of my review. :P

    @tvbaddict: Why don’t you wait for iPad 10. Good luck. :P

    @Duelist: Thanks for your very sensible vote. :P You do make a lot of sense. But it’s funny that you don’t have the regular toaster that everyone has. You have a panini toaster, which is like more elite, and you’re envying normal toasters! :P

    @p: Why would you want to own 25 toasters?!!

    @tiger4: lol, yeah it certainly is a want, not need. But people indulge in wants all the time. It makes life more fun :P

    @Kuan Yik: You are right too! The difference between the iPad 1 and 2 is like the difference between iPhone 3 and iPhone 4. Massive difference and totally worth upgrading. :P Well, of course, iPads are a lot more expensive.

    But if I buy an iPad 2, I might just give my iPad 1 away. :P Usually lazy to sell my stuff.

    @cyc1op: lol. thanks for you vote and, um, suggestion. :P

    @Krusty: Oh haha, I saw the video. It was funny for a while then it got draggy. Too long. :P

    @Naiveguy: Yeah, I wouldn’t buy an iPad from a PI in Singapore. The official prices should be about the same range as other countries, right?

    @tiger4: How much are you willing to pay? : P

    @RN1209: Wow, thanks. Maybe I should write a screenplay and submit it. :P

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    Encourage him to what? Get another, even MORE glowy toaster, WITH LAZ0RS!!! BEAMZ!!!??

    Anyway, he looks like a one-toaster sorta guy.

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    @Sheylara: You don’t need to toast bread to eat it. Are you sure everyone has the normal toaster? Hee hee. Huh? The Panini toaster is more elite? Anyway it was gone for a long time already.

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