The apartment in Paris

I said I was going to show pictures of the apartment I stayed at in Paris, so here they are!

First, the bedroom. It’s really warm and cosy and comfortable. Doesn’t have a door but, instead, a red curtain across the doorway. All that red makes it look very exotic! Really loved it.


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Then, the hallway, which separates the bedroom from the living room.


Paris apartment


Then, the living room, which is the same room as the kitchen. It’s just one huge room with one end being made into the kitchen.

Very nice and lived-in look, so much better than staying at a hotel! Well, if you don’t mind cleaning up after yourself. :P


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


No photos of the bathroom, cos it’s quite small and hard to get a picture of. But there’s a mini bathtub in there so even the bathroom felt cosy.

Do I sound like a property agent selling rentals? lol.

Anyway, in case you haven’t read my other posts, I found this apartment through Airbnb. So many nice apartments listed there, so hard to choose.

I picked this one cos it’s very near the city centre and reasonably priced.

The climb up and down every day was crazy, though. Six storeys up and down a spiral staircase!


Paris apartment


Paris apartment


I kind of liked it, though. Felt like I was actively burning off the calories accumulated from a whole day of pigging out at little French restaurants. But I always got so bushed by the time I reached the top.

Here’s what the building looks like on the outside.


Paris apartment


At six storeys high, it was one of the tallest buildings I saw in my entire stay in Paris, lol. The French don’t really have skyscrapers.

And the apartment is a couple of minutes’ walk from the La Chapelle Metro Station. Don’t know if that name means anything but it sounds sweet!


Paris Metro station


Well, that’s it, really. Nothing much more I want to say about the apartment. Here’s a link to it. You can read my review there!

So annoying that the website didn’t keep the formatting so all my paragraphs got crammed together. Pfft.

Anyway, going to Bath tomorrow! That’s supposedly some lovely place in England everyone tells me I have to visit, so I felt I had to do it or face untold wrath.

It’s quite far, so staying a night there. Can’t wait!

9 thoughts on “The apartment in Paris

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    Bing! City of love. Makes nino want ta cry like a little baby. Young people maadly in love. A toast from to you both. Just keep the noise down. don’t upset the neibours like old nino does..

  2. Avatar

    Who’s the gentleman in the pictures with you? Did you meet him in France? He looks dirty, I hope you bleached the apartment after he left.

  3. Avatar

    Don’t be so naughty Lucio.
    He looks very tidy to little old me. He could be a jewish James Bond. He looks like quite the jet setter. You go girl. stand by your man. :) xx xx xx

    ps sooo jelous want to go to paris some day… Ahhhhhh…

  4. Avatar

    @Lucio – get a life, if you have nothing constructive to say then don’t bother posting. Piers does not look French in any way, my guess would be that he was born in Israel but grew up in England. Follow the blog Lucio and you’ll see that he lives in Bournemouth with his family and friends close by. Apartment pics are nice Shey x

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    hmm…..i thought Sheylara was with a chinese guys i saw some old photos before and now with ang moh? woaah so fast? sorry hv not been updated lately :) Goodluck hope your happy :)

  6. Avatar

    @Sheylara: The apartment looks like someone else lived there and vacated it just so you can rent it. Is that how things work over there? Here in SG, you’d be best served not to leave anything behind when you rent out your place:P

  7. Avatar

    ‘Ang Moh’


    Piers might be Jewish but he’s no Red Haired Monkey, have respect for white people

  8. Avatar

    yes maddy no need for racial reference, you need peace in your life and to relax a while. Embrase the kind words an actions of sheylara and mr piers. do some kooking or chinese dance. Then be happy. smiles to everywon. :) xxxx

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