Snapshots of life and love in Paris

At the Metro in Paris

Two commuters wait in silence for the train at the Metro Station.




Parisian walking his dog

An elderly Parisian walks his dog outside the Musée du Louvre, part of which is undergoing renovation works.




Children eating

Children on a field trip sit outside the Musée du Louvre having a snack and not paying attention to a talking teacher.




An artist at work

An artist does a quick sketch of the Musée du Louvre while his girlfriend looks on.




Bicycles for rent

A self-service bicycle rental area. A woman readies her rented bicycle as she waits for her mate to process his rental at the kiosk.




Lady walking her dog

Parisians walking their dogs are a common sight in the streets of Paris. In many cases, the dogs are not bound by leashes.




A street where you can find hookers

A street hooker (right) gazes after the men who did not stop for her.




Pretty French girls

Two pretty French girls.




Horseback-riding police patrol

Two policemen on horseback patrol the busy Avenue des Champs-Élysées on a Saturday afternoon.




Sunny in Paris

Birds and people enjoy the afternoon sun in a public square.




Sunbathing at the River Seine

Parisians sunbathe next to the River Seine on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after a few days of cold, gloomy weather.




Skaters on the bridge

A crowd gathers to watch a group of young male skaters show off their skills atop a pedestrian bridge across the River Seine, with the Notre Dame de Paris as a backdrop.




Lover locks on the River Seine

Thousands of lover padlocks adorn the railings of the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge across the River Seine. For years now, couples have been engraving their names on padlocks of all shapes and sizes, fastening them onto the railings and tossing the keys into the river to symbolise their eternal love.




Lover locks on the River Seine

A closeup on one of the lover padlocks.




Île Saint-Louis

Puffy cottony clouds watch over the Île Saint-Louis, a small island on the River Seine, as Sunday revellers mill about the wide bridge connecting the island to the main land.




Family of three

A man watches a street performer on the bridge to Île Saint-Louis while his two girls seem distracted by other sights.




Street performer and his crowd

The same street performer manages to gather a growing crowd on the bridge with his schmoozing and physical tricks.




Street performer and his crowd

Still the same street performer. It appears that children do not find him fascinating enough to give him their full attention.




Two girls posing for photos

As dusk approaches, two girls pose for photos at the Place Contrescarpe, located in the centre of Rue Mouffetard, a lovely area of shops, cafes and restaurants.




Ferry on the River Seine

Sun-loving people enjoy a leisurely ferry ride on the River Seine.




Cute girl

A little French girl clears her shoe of sand at the playground.




Cute girl and her father

A little French girl eats her pastry while her father reads a book at the park.





Late afternoon shadows on a lovely day in Paris.




Couple in embrace

A couple locked in embrace at the River Seine.




Sheylara and Piers

Two tourists camwhoring.




Well, I suppose Paris is the City of Love, after all.

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    @Belly B: Squealed? Erm… not quite the reaction I expected for my photos! :P

    @Piers: What, you squealed too??

    @Lx: I have no idea!

    @ionStorm: Mmmmm. :)

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    @Yu: You take the Metro, or you walk. :P Metro stations are everywhere and very near each other. And some of them do speak English, but not a lot. Most service staff can speak enough to serve you.

    @Sharon: Thanks for the compliment! :)

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