Shattered my iPhone 4

I am certifiably one of the world’s biggest klutzes, so mishaps never shock me.

You get desensitised after stubbing your toe for the nth time or after offering your 99th porcelain plate to the kitchen floor gods.

But shattering my iPhone 4 certainly stunned me.

I’d always thought the iPhone 4 was invulnerable. Invincible.

I’d dropped it enough times in the last seven or eight months, sometimes quite violently, with hardly a scratch to show for it.

So my mind wasn’t able to absorb this.


Shattered iPhone 4


It had mysteriously flown out of my hand right onto the granite pavement, facedown.

I remember when I picked it up and turned it over, my mind blanked for long seconds, my brow furrowed in puzzlement, as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing.

The next thought that came to my mind was, “Wow.”

And then, “OMG.”

Miraculously, the phone still works. The touchscreen still works. I can continue using it with just a small risk of scratching my cheeks or fingers bloody on the shattered edges.

Hasn’t happened yet, but I won’t press my luck cos I know my klutz blood will find a way for another incident to happen.


Shattered iPhone 4


I’ll try not to use it till I can get it fixed or replaced.

In the meantime, I still have my Blackberry.

I am a bit mortified to admit that I only just got my prepaid data sim card for my BB yesterday. After a month of being in England. After a month of being mobile internetless!

(My iPhone had shattered about an hour after I got the card. Perfect timing.)

You see, I had tried to get a prepaid card for my iPhone 4 when I arrived in England last month, but they don’t have prepaid microsims here, yet, so I just gave up on having mobile broadband. I figured I was on holiday, anyway, no need for 24/7 push e-mail.

Because I seldom use my Blackberry nowadays (it just sits there collecting dust), I didn’t think about getting a data card for it.

Well, I thought about it a few days ago when I decided to extend my stay in England (yet again, I know). I’m going to be here till April and I guess I can’t stand being mobile internetless for too long.




So I finally got it yesterday.

Cost me £10 (S$20) for the card, with 300 free texts and unlimited Internet for a month, and £5 worth of calls. Something like that. It’s a bit confusing all the price plans and top-ups and freebies.

But I’m all set. So very useful to have an extra phone.

My broken iPhone doesn’t even really bother me that much. Piers says he will drive me to Southampton this Saturday where they have an Apple Retail Store Genius Bar.

Hopefully, the replacement screen won’t cost hundreds like everyone on the Internet is saying.

If it does, I might just keep it as it is. Buff the sharp edges a bit. I might look very cool using a shattered iPhone 4, you think?

12 thoughts on “Shattered my iPhone 4

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    Just yesterday I took the case off my iPhone for a little bit. I talked to my girlfriend for about 20 minutes with the phone that way. It felt too small and brittle. I found I was holding it delicately. I have dropped my phone just a few times, but the heavy plastic case that wraps a little around the front edge has always taken the brunt of the fall. Mine even has a light felt backing so I am not in danger of that back glass cracking/scratching that some people have reported. I decided to put the case back on and am much happier for it.

    In other news I was wondering if you ever got around to playing Highborn: Chapter Two? Did you even finish Chapter One? Did you hear about the hidden cheat we reviled that unlocks all the missions? Inquiring minds want to know.


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    @Sheylara: Yeah, you might wanna trademark that “shattered” design. Makes for a pretty cool skin:)

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    @Esti: Yeah, I guess. I just like thinking of my things as invulnerable. :P

    @Robert: I don’t think I want to fix it myself. I think I will just end up breaking it even more!

    @Tvbaddict: Wow, haven’t seen you on my blog long time! ;)

    @tstar: lol… yeah. will have to try not to remove any breakable things from my bag whenever I’m walking.

    @Joseph: Oh, wow, congratutions on releasing Chapter Two! Well, in fact, I didn’t actually finish Chapter One. Will try to get there someday! :) Keep on making ’em!! And…. WHAT CHEAT?! :P

    @cyc1op: Thanks! But the iPhone 5 won’t be here for another 6 months at least! What am I gonna do in the meantime?

    @Naiveguy: Wow… yes, I’ll definitely get an iPhone 5 sometime down the road, but I need to wait for my iPhone 4 contract to be over. :(

    @RN1209: haha… thanks :)

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