Paris – City of Love

People say that Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

After spending about 12 hours in it yesterday, I am kind of wondering why. It just reminds me of London. Beautiful architecture intermingling with graffiti and dirt.

Beautiful, nevertheless. Just didn’t feel it was extremely romantic or anything.

Here’s the photo of the day.




Maybe that’s why they call Paris the City of Love. People here love freely.

It was quite a sweet sight, really. The couple was locked in that embrace for ages.

Sorry, I can only do short posts while here because we have limited time and I can’t spend five hours each day blogging (that’s how long I take to do each travel post).

Piers and I already wasted enough time by doing touristy research here when we should have done it in England before. We spent about two hours today going through guidebooks and google maps to plot a very rough itinerary for the next few days.

So silly.

Am enjoying Paris so far. Food is amazing and Notre Dame de Paris is the most awe-inspiring building I’ve ever stepped in.


Notre Dame de Paris


Full posts when I get back!

Eiffel Tower today.

Maybe McDonald’s.


6 thoughts on “Paris – City of Love

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    My Dear, be patient, Paris truly is the city of love as my partner Fernando will testify. I’m sure you’ll both have a happy ending. What a charming blog, I find it fascinating.

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    @Belly B: Haha… I’m just a fast food junkie. :)

    @junkie: lol. yay. :)

    @Lx: Does it? Haha. So funny. :)

    @clark: Um… you really don’t want to follow our itinerary. It’s super anyhow and inefficient. A lot of aimless walking around, sitting in cafes and not getting in as many touristy sights as we can. :P

    @Kenneth: Thank you for your sweet comment! ;)

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