How to eat a baguette in Paris

So Piers was really telling the truth when he said that Parisians are always seen carrying French bread in the streets.

Sometimes the baguettes are not even wrapped up or put in a bag. People just hold them in their hands.


Person carrying a baguette in Paris


Yesterday, when we headed out for lunch, Piers thought we should go into a bakery, get a baguette and eat it as we walk towards our lunch destination (we were thinking McDonald’s).

When I thought about eating baguettes in Paris, I was kind of thinking either having it at home with butter, or having it at a cafe with proper sandwich fillings. I didn’t think of eating it plain in the streets.

Crazy ang mohs think of the craziest things to do.


Piers carrying a baguette in Paris


We started eating the baguette as we walked and it was so tasty we finished the whole thing even before we reached McDonald’s (about five minutes’ walk).

It was really fun, though. You should try it if you ever come to Paris for a visit. Enjoy the sights in the streets as you munch on delicious French bread.

Bread really does taste better here, somehow.

We’re going to do it again today!


Sheylara eating a baguette in Paris


We did have McDonald’s after our baguette but it was very disappointing. So… McDonald’s Paris, not recommended.

I had a Big Mac. Didn’t taste good at all.

Piers had a Royal Bacon. It looked like this:


Royal Bacon??



Oh well, but McDonald’s has free wifi, so I still love McDonald’s.

Very nice day out today, sunny and blue skies, so I’m gonna run off now to get the most of the sun. (Woke up at noon today, omg.)

Catch ya later!

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    Just found your post while searching for “baguette etiquette.” Looks like you’re into everything. Have you tried bread making? It’s like science, spirituality, and art all wrapped into one. You’ll be frustrated, or exhilarated, or both. Quite an adventure. And the baguette is the pinnacle of achievement for the serious enthusiast. Are you up to the challenge?

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