Going to Paris on a budget

I’m going to Paris this Thursday and I’m scared.

What if I get kidnapped?

The movie “Taken”, starring Liam Neeson, was on TV on Sunday and Piers said I should watch it cos it’s a good movie.

It is a good movie, about this retired CIA agent whose teenage daughter goes to Paris and gets kidnapped by a prostitution syndicate, so he turns the world upside down to singlehandedly rescue her.




I hope I don’t get kidnapped.

Piers will be going with me to Paris so maybe he will protect me. Except his Wing Chun training isn’t up to the stage where he learns how to take men with guns out.

What if Piers kidnaps me!

Oh, I suppose he won’t. I’ve got photos of him all over my blog so it’ll be a bit dangerous for him to do that.




Haha. His unshaven mugger face.

Look, if I disappear and don’t update my blog for days, one of you will come and rescue me, right? Preferably a Jack Bauer type.

We’re staying at this apartment we found off Airbnb. It’s a website where you can find affordable short-term apartments, houses or rooms to rent. You can also list your own property to rent out to tourists.

It’s really cool cos it’s a lot cheaper and nicer than budget hotels!

We found an apartment in the 18th arrondissement near the Gare du Nord train station, which should make it quite convenient for us to get to the touristy places.


Paris apartment


The apartment accommodates three people and costs US$61 (S$78) a night. That’s like practically nothing if you split it among three people.

I was looking at budget hotels before I found this (thanks to my friend JD) and found that S$78 can only get you the crappiest 1-star hotel room, likely with bed bugs and walls so thin you can hear your neighbour sniffle.

You do have to pay a small service fee to Airbnb but it’s still worth it. We’re paying a total of US$272 (S$384) for four nights.

(By the way, if you’re interested in using the website, sign up through this link to get US$25 free to spend.)

We’ll be taking the train from London. Takes about 2.5 hours. Will be so exciting cos I’ve never travelled on a train cross-country before.


Train ticket


Train tickets are £69 (S$141) per person (two-way). Coach tickets from Bournemouth to London are £16.50 (S$33.80).

Paris on budget!

Have to save every penny in anticipation of the LV shopping!

Nah, not really. I’ve never liked LV and Gucci cos the designs don’t appeal to me.

I’d probably go crazy in souvenir shops, lol. Maybe Piers will employ Wing Chun moves to block me from entering the shops. Cos if I spend all my money and go literally broke from souvenir shopping, he’d have to feed me and I think eating in Paris won’t be cheap.

Unless we just eat baguettes and Big Macs.

I asked Piers some time back to list me some French stereotypes and the first thing he said was, “They’re always carrying French bread in the streets.”




He swore it was true and wasn’t a joke and then we watched Taken and there were people carrying baguettes in the Paris scenes.

LOL. Damn the movie for proving him right.

He then went on to name a few more unflattering stereotypes which I won’t recount here because I don’t want him to get kidnapped in Paris.

So, next, I said, “What about English stereotypes?”

His reply: “Oh, English people are known to be amazing, wonderful, great…”

He didn’t manage to finish because a cushion suddenly found itself in his mouth.


Please remember to come and rescue me if I get kidnapped!

16 thoughts on “Going to Paris on a budget

  1. Avatar

    Hey Sheylara!

    Can I get the referral email from you? I would love to use the site for accommodation in Australia! :D

  2. Avatar

    Does Piers think he is Bruce Lee while doing Wing Chung? He looks the type to do the Bruce Lee noises too, haha

    Paris is the land of love, delicatessens (fine food) & wine, you will enjoy it very much.
    No need to worry about getting kidnapped, it’s a very safe place to stay.

    I visit there regulary from my homeland in Italy, it’s a perfect romantic place to be, I have taken many women there and they have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    Bon Voyage


  3. Avatar

    I think you will go crazy for the food….especially desserts.
    And the French do carry an armful of baguettes on the street. They buy in bulk and keep them in the freezer.

  4. Avatar

    I’ve just got back from France. Will you be going to Disneyland Paris? I went there with my family for a week and had so much fun, it can be very expensive, especially with the Euro exchange rate how it is.

    Nino, there is nothing wrong with Wing Chun, I go at least 3 times a week with my daughters and a few of my girlfriends, I feel very confident in defending myself now. My Husband and son enjoy their supposed ‘Man Martial Arts’ as they call it which is Mui Thai. Wing Chun is growing in popularity, keep with it Piers.

    Enjoy your adventures in Paris x

  5. Avatar

    Hey, the bread is just amazing there! Somehow, it’s just much better than any other bread. Even the cold ones!

    Anyways, take care. I met my bunch of pickpockets in Paris. And they were wholesome looking schoolgirls in uniform!

  6. Avatar

    If you visit mont martre, be careful of the people tying friendship bands around your wrists. Don’t get cheated.

    But it’s totally worth the visit :) xx

  7. Avatar

    @Veronica @joopleberry: Sent you guys the referral. Hope you got it! :)

    @Nino: No, I don’t think he thinks he’s Bruce Lee. Maybe Ip Man, instead? lol. Anyway thanks for the info! :)

    @Minou: Okay. Now, someone just told me they carry the baguettes under their armpits that’s why they taste so good.

    @Sonia: Don’t think I will go to Disneyland. A bit far and too expensive! And I don’t think I’m in Paris long enough for that. Wish I could go, though! Maybe next time in the future! Hey, wow, good to hear you’re into Wing Chun, too! :)

    @Jo: Oh, that’s scary. Thanks for the warning. O_o

    @Estee: What about friendship bands? How do you get cheated with that?

    @tiger4: Thanks! :)

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    I lived there for some time :)

    Paris is a lovely city, specially at this time of the year.
    The area where your appartment is is IMO not one of the most interesting, even though in the 18eme arrondissement you have Montmartre, Barbes and the gigantic flea market Les puces de clignancourt.

    For restaurants I would recommend the Rue Mouffetard district, which is not far from La Sorbonne university and the Jardin du Luxembourg park, which is a very nice place to spend some time when the weather’s ok.

    Just don’t leave Paris without trying Berthillon ice creams and sorbets :P!

    Even though you’ll find plenty of things to do anyway, timeout Paris is one of the best english site about the things to do in Paris :D

    Finally I don’t think that Paris is not more dangerous than any big city.

    Bon voyage!
    Any question, ask.

  9. Avatar

    @Yewon: Sent it to the email you used when you posted here. Let me know if you don’t get it. :)

    @Stephan: Wow, thanks so much for your recommendations! Appreciate that!

    @Mince Pye: Hur hur hur.

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    I’d love a referral code too! (You are officially the smartest airbnb-er! I couldn’t find anyone else offering referrals!)

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