First photo in Paris

In Paris!!

I’m so in love with our apartment (rented from a nice girl through Airbnb). We did have to walk up the stairs six floors but it was all worth it. (Cos Piers carried all the luggage, lol.)

It’s so nicely decorated. Like, artistic, bohemian, lovely, um, I don’t really know what words to use to describe it. But I’ll take photos of the whole apartment another time.

Now, we have to run out and grab lunch. So hungry!




OMG Piers just said he wants to go have lunch at an Irish pub cos it’s St Patrick’s Day today. wtf.

We’ll see about that.

10 thoughts on “First photo in Paris

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    ha ha ha that’s too funny maybe he will something close to corn beef and cabbage in Paris but on a fancy scale :)
    You look like you are having a blast thanks for sharing.

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    Dun mind me asking, but from all the previous posts you have posted recently, it would seem that you are seeing Piers now, although I am sure you stated that you and him are just friends, well just an observation.

    Anyway I know this place in Pasir Panjang that has a very good burger that you should try one day when you decide to come back to SG. Lastly, are there ever going to be anymore game updates on yoru website, again just wondering.

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    @Jesse: Yes, we had a lot of fun. Thanks for commenting! :)

    @Jennycah: Haha. Okay he was just kidding me. Stupid Piers! :P

    @Naiveguy: Well, let’s just say that we always start out as friends, don’t we? ;)

    Where’s the burger place? Need address! :) And I don’t know about game updates… depends on whether I have time to play. Usually no time to play while on holiday, lol.

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    Its the food centre at pasir panjang, the new mrt line is being constructed next to it, the shop is called MoMo or something to that extend, the burger you want to order is the MoMo Ultimate.

    The problem with this place is that it has so much good food like BBQ sting ray, chix wings and satay that few will try the burger out. but one time I decided to give it a try and I was a convert.

    As for the games, no worries, take your time, just missed all your game reviews and intros. Heck, if not for you, I would not even know of some of the games I played.

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    Yeah a bit hard to get to there without a car, on the plus side, parking there after 5pm is free everyday and free on sundays whole day. All this talk about burgers have made me craved for it more so I will be heading tonite to get my monthly dose of good burgers. If you ever need a ride there before mrt do let me know and we can see if we can arrange some sort of small group outing there :)

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