Eating in England – Part 2

Even though my clothes still fit, I’m quite sure I’m putting on weight after more than a month in England.

I keep telling myself to eat less, maybe skip a few meals here and there, but eating out is too fun.

Eating in is also fun. Groceries are amazing here. There is an unbelievable variety of delicious pre-cooked snacks and meals you can find at the supermarket.

And Piers keeps restocking the breads, muffins, crumpets and bagels in his kitchen as if there’s an army staying in his apartment. He says I can diet after I go back to Singapore.

And there’s Bovril and marmalade and cream and strawberry champagne jam. And eggs and bacon and ham.

It’s virtually impossible to skip any meals with so much food tempting me at home.


Bacon and egg bagel
Bacon and egg bagel.


Sausages and asparagus
English sausages and asparagus baked with garlic and butter.


Oh, and there’s an Asian supermarket nearby where I can get supplies of my favourite instant noodles!

Well, I’m not in the habit of taking photos of my food at home, so most of my food photos are from restaurants, so that’s what I’m sharing today!


Italian food

I’ve eaten at quite a few Italian restaurants so far. The pastas have been disappointing because maybe the English palate is more bland than I’m used to. Even though they all look really delicious, I’ve had to re-flavour them with crazy amounts of salt and pepper before I found them edible.


Linguine Vongole
Linguine vongole.


Some pasta
Basil and olive oil and something, can’t remember.


Mexican bolognaise
Mexican bolognese.


Chicken with pasta
Apricot stuffed chicken with creamy linguine and olives.


The pizzas and starters are a bit better, although I haven’t found anything that I must go back to have again. I still do enjoy dining at Italian restaurants though, even with the disappointing pastas, because they’re mostly very warm and cosy, either in a romantic or family way.

Well, sometimes too cosy. They tend to pack tables very closely to maximise space so, if you wanted to, you could eavesdrop on conversations.


Sauteed mushrooms
Sauteed garlic mushrooms.


Garlic bread
Garlic bread.


Some pizza.


King prawns!
Garlic king prawns.


Pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza.



Nando’s in England is as good as Nando’s in Singapore. Well, the liver is a bit more cooked here (I prefer our mashy ones) but the sauce is just as awesome if not better. The chicken is about the same. I love it!


Nando's chicken liver
Chicken liver with Portuguese bread.


Nando's chicken
Nando’s peri peri chicken.


Fusion Japanese

I haven’t been to a proper Japanese restaurant. Went to this fusion chain called Wagamama. Let’s just say… if you’re Asian, you probably won’t like it. Quite nice to go there for drinks and light bites (which are decent), but the main courses are a bit sad. They look sad and they taste funny.


Rice in saucy chicken
Rice with some kind of stir fry chicken drowned in weird tasting sauce.


Chilli ramen
Chilli ramen.


Deep fried squid
Salt and pepper squid.


Baked dumplings
Baked (I think) dumplings.


Steak and wine

I really enjoy having steak and wine in England, although it’s usually quite expensive. We went to this nice French restaurant called The Guildhall Tavern. Looks cosy and and classy at the same time. And the bill for two people was £71 (S$146) before tips.

It was really nice but my steak was a bit overcooked.


The Guildhall Tavern






Yummy scallops.


French onion soup
French onion soup.


Ribeye steak
Ribeye steak.


Rack of lamb
Rack of lamb.




Clotted cream ice cream
Clotted cream ice cream.


There’s a restaurant very near Piers’ apartment called Alcatraz Brasserie, a few minutes’ walk away, which has a steak promotion every Thursday. £28 (S$57) for two steaks and a bottle or wine. That’s really cheap. From what I’ve seen so far, it would cost almost twice that at any other steak restaurant.

But then we ordered starters and dessert and the bill ended up more than £40, lol. It was good, though. The wine was a bit dodgy, tasted cheap to me, but then I don’t know much about wines. The steak was quite decent for the price.

What I really liked was the ambience. Part of the restaurant has glass walls so you can see outside while you dine. Okay, so the view isn’t too exciting, just roads and buildings, but it’s very beautiful when it’s dark and the place lit by candlelight.

Oh, and the chicken liver! Mmm.


Alcatraz Brasserie


Alcatraz Brasserie


Chicken liver
Chicken liver.


Steak with fries
Steak with fries.


Wow, that’s all the space I have for today. I will be in England for another month, so I guess there will be a Part 3 coming up!

11 thoughts on “Eating in England – Part 2

  1. Avatar

    Hello Sheylara,

    I’ve been following your blogging for a while now and it always entertains me, hope your enjoying England, it is a beautiful country, I moved to Leeds a few years ago and have never looked back.

    I believe I’ve met Piers when I was in Bournemouth last year at one of our Jewish Holiday events, Yom Kippur, he was a kind, polite and enjoyable fellow Jew to be in the company of.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in England, I look forward to reading your next blog update

  2. Avatar

    Hi Ari

    I’m afraid you have me confused with someone else as I’m neither Jewish nor ever attended any Jewish Holiday events.

    However you are right about me being kind, polite and enjoyable to be around :p

  3. Avatar

    Hello Pires,

    Please accept my apology for a mistaken identity, you just looked very familiar.

    Sheylara seems to be keeping you very busy and from her blogging and pictures she seems to be enjoying herself very much. Do your parents live in a mansion? From the pictures it seems very big.
    You must be enjoying your Tour Guide role.

    I’m sure you will miss eachothers company when she leaves


  4. Avatar

    It’s ok, no need to apologise. And sadly no, my parents don’t live in a mansion – Sheylara is just very good at taking photos.

    As far as missing each other when she leaves, I’m sure she can’t wait to get away from me. However I might be just a little sad to see her go…

  5. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara,

    Great blogg, thanks for the tips and notes on courage. We all must try to push ourselves to be more instinctive, be it through your travels to London or Piers and his cooking.

    Mazel Tov to you both.


  6. Avatar

    @tvbaddict: That’s great! lol. Eat more! :P

    @Belly B: Wow, thank you! :)

    @Ari: Thanks for following my blog! Indeed I am enjoying England very much! :)

    @cyc1op: Yes, Piers made them. How did you know!! Haha.

    @Pier: So modest!! :P

    @Isaac: Haha… how do you know it’s Piers doing the cooking and not me!! lol.

    @Gabe: Coming back in April. Does Singapore not have beef bovril at all?

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