Eating in England – Part 1

I must be honest and say that I think there’s no better food to be had in the world than in Singapore (and Malaysia). I mean, in terms of variety and taste.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the food anywhere else in the world; I really do enjoy eating in England.

It’s just that there’s something very special about chwee kueh and laksa and chicken rice and chilli crab. And economical bee hoon, lol. The food in Singapore is something that you never want to be too far from.

So the irony is that I’m eating a lot better here. I’m fattening up a bit, even. I wake up in the morning eager for breakfast, count the minutes till lunch, and salivate at the thought of a nice dinner at a nice restaurant.

In between that, I’m snacking on Twiglets, one of the best snacks ever.




The seasoning tastes a bit like Bovril, although more bitter and without the beefy taste. But it’s so good when combined with the crunchy wholegrain stuff inside.

It’s goes very well with red wine. Something Piers taught me. It seemed a bit silly to me initially to have cheap supermarket snacks with red wine, but it turned out to be so good.


Twiglets with red wine


Speaking of which, Piers also taught me to eat toasted English wholemeal muffins with Bovril. It was almost shocking how good it was.

I never usually like anything wholemeal, thinking of it as health food that I occasionally put up with to make myself feel better psychologically. So when Piers first suggested this to me, I was thinking, “Yeah, okay, I suppose Bovril with anything will be good.”

But it blew my mind how tasty it was, the subtle sweetness of the muffin complementing the tangy saltiness of the Bovril so perfectly. I couldn’t even taste any wholemeal.

You have to toast the muffin so it’s crispy on the outside but still soft and fluffy on the inside. Makes your taste buds explode!


Toasted English muffins with Bovril




It doesn’t cost a lot to keep me happily fed in England!

But operating on normal human hours and eating regular meals is really wreaking havoc on my body. I know it’s supposed to be healthy but I’m getting fat!

What can I say about Klonopin? The drug is powerful, effective, fast acting. It removed anxiety, fear, tension, even the most severe panic attacks. I did not take it more than three days in a row, I was afraid of addiction. This drug is not available in every pharmacy, but I buy it on Recommend to everyone!

Really have to do something about that soon!

Before I think of something, though, let me just do a quick gallery of food photos I haven’t yet posted on my blog. Let’s look at some of the stuff I’ve been eating in the last month here.


Big Mac

Big Mac


Sorry, I really can’t help the fact that Big Macs are one of my favourite things to eat in the world.

My first time to McDonald’s here was with Piers. He complained to me how Big Macs in England are horrible because they don’t line up the buns and ingredients properly so the burger is a huge mess. In the same breath, he praised Singapore Big Macs for being perfectly made.

That was a puzzling moment because the Big Mac I was looking at was nice and neat, while I always remember Singapore ones as being messy and all over the place.

Definitely, the ones here taste better. Buns are more crispy and there’s less sauce, which actually allows you to taste the meat better.


Beach breakfast

Eggs Benedict


I had eggs benedict at a beach restaurant called Urban Reef at Bournemouth Beach. That’s poached eggs with muffin, spinach, mushroom and Hollandaise sauce. It was so delicious I didn’t need ketchup or chilli sauce, which I usually like to eat with my eggs. Mushroom was very juicy! =)

Breakfasts in England are quite typical, I guess. You’d have something like that or a full English breakfast (with eggs, bacon, toast, sausages, etc).


Ploughman’s lunch

Ploughman's Lunch


This is supposedly a cultural icon in England, available in pubs. You get ingredients of a sandwich and you have to make it yourself.

The sandwich itself was normal. Just normal ham and normal bread and normal butter. But what made the dish special for me was the Branston Pickle, which is the black gunky stuff you see in the picture. It’s really purplish in real life. Just a bad picture.

It’s a variety of diced veges pickled in a special sauce. Tastes really good. Sour and tangy and sweet. Adds so much flavour to a normal sandwich!


Korean food

Kimchi stew


There’s a small Korean restaurant in Bournemouth called Happy House. The food is of quite high quality, comparable to the good Korean restaurants in Singapore. One of my favourite Korean dishes is kimchi stew and this place makes it really well. One of the best I’ve had, in fact. So hard to find good kimchi stew, even in Korea!


Korean food


Korean food


Korean food


Mexican food

Mexican food


My first dinner in London, I picked this Mexican restaurant cos it looked warm and cosy, even though I’m not a fan of Mexican food.

The food turned out to be mediocre but I didn’t mind so much. I do have a tendency to pick the wrong places for food just based on how it looks. But I did enjoy the ambience a lot and I feel that kind of makes up for it.


Mexican food


Mexican food


Mexican food


There are so many restaurants in England that have really warm, cosy, romantic ambiences you just feel so compelled to walk into them and sit down for a meal. Often, though, the food is just between mediocre and not bad.

But, like I said, I don’t really mind. I really love dining out. Whether the food is great or not, it’s a fun, social thing and like a mini adventure for me to look at the menu and cboose food and wine, then anticipate the arrival of my food.

Of course, eating home is nice, too, even if it’s not as glamorous. Especially if someone cooks for you and his cooking is so very tasty.


Mexican food


Yup. Enjoying eating in England very much.

More food reports coming up in Part 2!

3 thoughts on “Eating in England – Part 1

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    Hi Sheylara
    I think Piers and you make a lovely couple.
    Are you planning to marry and have children?
    Piers looks like he would make a great husband and father – very caring and attentive to your every needs.

  2. Avatar

    @Ryangel: Haha. I’m sure there are good eggs ben in Singapore! :)

    @Richard: I think you’d make a very good Santa Claus. You’re very fatherly and concerned. :)

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