Nightmare after nightmare

I didn’t sleep well last night.

Went to bed at 12:30 am, had a nightmare, and woke up two hours later.


Nightmare 1

In this nightmare, I kept getting thrown into a room with curvy floors that curved into a hole in the middle of the room. I would find myself sliding across the room, tipping over into the hole, spiralling down a funnel and free falling all the way down…

…and before I hit bottom and became slush, the dream would suddenly jump to the beginning where I get thrown into room, and the same thing would happen. The entire nightmare is hell on repeat mode. I slid and spiralled and fell uncontrollably, rinse and repeat, for goodness knew how long.


After waking up from that, I lay in bed for two hours, wide awake, trying to fall back asleep, unsucceeding.

So I got up, went online, did some reading.

Went back to bed at 6 am. Had another nightmare.


Nightmare 2

This time, someone’s stalking me, wanting to kill me, I can’t remember for what. So half the dream I’m running and hiding from him. This part is actually quite long, feels like a few hours in real time. I can still remember some of the details but I won’t bore you with them.

Finally, my hunter has me trapped in a corner so I decide to kill him before he kills me. I grab a sword and stab him in the stomach. He has a very sharp knife and he’s trying to cut me but somehow I manage to grab his hand, turn it around and stick the knife into his neck.

There’s no spurting blood in my dream but it’s really gory. He’s taking a long time to die so I use the knife and systematically slash him to shreds, making sure I cover every inch of him neatly. Which is just sick. But that was the only way he would die, in my dream.


The alarm woke me up at 9 am.

Horrible night much?


But I had a great day with my mystery date so the nightmares don’t traumatise me anymore.

I’m just very tired from sleep deprivation so I need to KIV the blog about my day. Will get to it after I have a good night’s sleep.

In the meantime, feel free to interpret my nightmares.

7 thoughts on “Nightmare after nightmare

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    1st dream:

    You have lots of fears. There’s uncertainty or parts in your life where you would like to gain control but cannot. So you feel helpless. You feel you are sliding into uncertain times.

    2nd dream:

    Not sure what to make out of it. This one probably due to your playing too many gory computer games.

    If I should hazard a guess here, you feel frustrated at something. Or something’s bothering your life. But this may not be true.

    As a side note, you probably know subconsciously you don’t really love Kay. It has never been, never will. He is probably just a good friend, or good brother. Not a lover. Be frank with yourself.

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    Uh… why are so many people so eager to talk me out of my relationship with Kay?

    And I don’t play that much gory computer games. Plants vs Zombies isn’t that gory. Haha.

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    my english is not very good , but i am working on it. ;)

    1st dream:
    Dreamt of caves and tunnels, the doorway, drawer, etc said the dreamer s desire to friendship and love.

    2nd dream:
    Dreamed of being hunting, means hope someone to pursue my own.
    Girl dreamed be counterattacked, adumbrative shows a boy to pursue their own.

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    Very nice blog :-). I like the way how you write stories. I really want 2 know how old are u :-P … i know its not nice to usk woman how old is she but im curious xD. Greetings from Poland :-)

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    @HB6H057: Heheh, that’s nice. Thanks for your contribution! :D 谢谢!

    @Milosz: Thank you for the compliment and it’s nice to know you! Wow, Poland, you make me curious about the place. I’ve never been there! Erm… I shan’t say my age, though, but thanks for asking. :P

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