Most useless tourist in the world

I’ve totally stayed indoors for three whole days. You must think I’m the most useless tourist ever, to fly all the way to England just to lounge around in the apartment.

Yeah, I probably am.

But I so enjoy it. I have an apartment all to myself and a kitchen stocked with awesome junk food, and I’ve managed not to break anything yet.

I had this for dinner tonight.




Total cost: £4.59 (S$9.40).

It’s enough for two meals but I cooked (heated) everything, not realising it was too much, so I kinda stuffed myself silly trying to finish it. I ended up having to throw out about a third of it.

The tortelloni is really good! Recommended by Piers. He says he eats it plain but I thought that sounded boring, so I bought pasta sauce and chicken breast to add to it and it turned out to be great.




But now I have dirty pots and stuff sitting in the sink waiting to be washed. Urgh.

All the same, I find it very fun playing house. Sometimes (maybe often) I think I’m made to be alone. I enjoy living alone so much it actually thrills me.

Anyhow, I shall endeavour to be a better tourist. I’m planning to go sightseeing till I drop in the days to come. I still have two and a half weeks here, after all.

Oh, in nine hours’ time, I have a date with a blog reader of mine who’s coming to Bournemouth to meet me!

Heheh. Looking forward to it.

Come back tomorrow to find out all about it! ;)

5 thoughts on “Most useless tourist in the world

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    @Sheylara: Four entries in, and I gotta say this may very well be one of your most entertaining series of travel posts yet! Totally enjoying every read:D I suppose the new environment offers no lack of blogging fodder, both visually as well as the circumstances you find (or put) yourself in:) Definitely looking forward to the next couple of weeks (or months, as it were). Anyway, send my regards to Stanster (he IS who you’re referring to, right?:))

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    Hmm…. really? Actually, I absolutely have no idea why anyone would find any of my posts entertaining at all, much less how there could be a comparison which is more entertaining than the other. But thanks for saying that all the same!

    And, no, it’s not Stanster. :P

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    Your last few posts are interesting because you are living my dream. No work, no stress. Cool weather, exploring a foreign country. I would kill to be in this position. :P

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