First day in England

It’s 10:15 pm in England. 6:15 am in Singapore.

I’m sitting with my laptop in Piers’ apartment trying not to fall asleep. It’s about my bedtime in Singapore right now.


Piers' home


I love Piers’ apartment. He lives on the top floor of a small apartment building so he’s got cute sloping ceilings in all his rooms. It makes the place look so sweet and cosy.

I told him I was going to extend my stay and usurp his apartment for six months. I think he couldn’t quite decide whether to feel flattered or worried.

Anyway, I didn’t get to do much today. Arrived at Bournemouth about 4 pm, after which Piers showed me around so I would know where to get stuff and not starve to death when he goes off on his holiday.


Bournemouth Town Centre


Bournemouth is a resort town situated on the southern coast of England, which doesn’t really matter to me cos I’m not really a beach person.

I chose the right day to arrive. The weather is really nice this week (hovering around 10°C) and it was even at times sunny today.

I didn’t take many photos because I was a bit tired. It had taken me almost 24 hours to get to my destination, counting from the time I left home in Singapore.


Bournemouth Town Centre


Bournemouth Town Centre


Bournemouth Town Centre




Guess what my first meal in England was.


Well, I don’t care what you think or say about that. I make it a point to try McDonald’s in every city I go to. The Big Mac here is nice! (The one I tried in Seoul wasn’t very good.)

After that, Piers took me grocery shopping at Sainsbury’s. But that was after our meal at Macs, so I didn’t buy as much as I would have if I’d been hungry. I suppose that’s a good thing.




It’s so nice seeing all these English things. But I think it hasn’t entirely sunk in yet that I’m really at this place I’ve always wanted to visit all my life.

I think my head was a bit fogged up from the travelling today. I’ll need to get some sleep debt paid off before I can think and function normally again.

I had a lot of fun choosing groceries, but I had even more fun at the self check-out station. You can roleplay a supermarket cashier and scan your own items, bag them, then pay money into the machine when you’re done.

The machine keeps you from cheating by weighing each item as you scan and drop it into a shopping bag sitting on a weighing table.








Very cool!

That’s all we did.

And that’s all I’m going to write today.

Bed beckons and I’m good and sleepy. 11:35 pm now. I did the laundry in the midst of writing this post, lol.

Yes, I brought dirty laundry to England. I never unpacked my Dhaka luggage until three hours before leaving for England.

I don’t think anyone can ever beat me in luggage procrastination.

Okay, gotta go. Really falling asleep!

5 thoughts on “First day in England

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    Welcome to Northern Europe! ^-^ So exciting to see you in England, and knowing that you are only 2 hours away! I’n my mind, McDonalds is Englands main-dish… (/giggle) :D That or Fish’n Chips.

    If you’re going to be there in six months, I will meet you in London 17th- 19th March, okay? Haha :D Going there on a tiny vacation.

    Have a nice stay, and enjoy yourself ALOT!
    Wish you all the best. ^-^

  2. Avatar

    @Matthew: Thanks! Keep reading! :)

    @Tonje: Thanks, it’s good to hear from you yet again! :) Wow, I wish I could stay here till middle of March. Would love to meet you! :) But I think I will run out of money quickly if I don’t go home when I’m supposed to, which later this month. :P

    @Faith: No.. I wasn’t ever really into vegemite, lol. Were you? Am a bovril person. I bought the marmite cos it’s XO edition and looks special. :P Bought for my dad, haha.

    @Aicee: Thank you. :) The drizzles here are not so bad, really. Better than the rain in Singapore! I hope it hasn’t been flooding since I left :P

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