Blogging aboard a coach to London

I’m now on a coach on my way to London.

Typing this and drawing the cartoons on my iPad (although I can only post the blog when I get home since I don’t have mobile broadband).

It’s in fact harder to draw a decent picture using a finger than a mouse, cos my finger’s too fat, so forgive the fail-ness of today’s illustrations.

Feeling quite thrilled in a suaku (country bumpkin) way cos I’ve never ever sat on a bus with a toilet in it!

I’ve got my iPad and a book to keep me entertained for my 2.5 hour journey but I sat doing nothing for the first 40 minutes.

Thought about things while admiring the passing scenery, mostly of trees and wild vegetation. I mean the scenery, not my thoughts.

I like bare trees. They have an aura of vulnerability and innocence that I find very sweet and touching.

Okay I don’t know. I can’t really explain it. I just like them.




Kay and I have broken up. For good for real now. No more looking back. I won’t be depressed about it this time because it has gotten to a point where I just feel sickened over the whole thing and want to move on.

Won’t share details cos that’s dirty laundry. It’s very well for me to share my own but it’s not nice to share other people’s. Unless they piss me off the edge of the cliff. I generally prefer just ranting to a close friend or two, then try to sweep everything under the carpet.

I bet if I try to look under my carpet now, all the dirt accumulated over the years will pounce me and bury me alive.




I want to talk about happier things now.

It startled me a bit that I have so many contacts in the UK, some of them second degree friends. I’ve had quite many offers to meet me for a meal or take me out for a day. Friends, blog readers, friends of friends, family of friends. Its really quite amazing.

I’ve even got people trying to introduce me to hot Italian dudes or something. I wonder what my dad would say if I brought an Italian hunk home. I think he’d go crazy.

Seeing that I have so many contacts (and contacts of contacts) in this part of the world, I really want to come back again, hopefully to go around Europe the next time.

No, not because of hot Italians. I’m quite happy with just bagging a celebrity footballer in England.

That was Chong’s idea, actually. I’m not as delusional as he is.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” he said, “Like go to an English pub alone and pick up [some celebrity footballer].”





I probably won’t have time to date anyone, anyway. I’m planning to be insanely addicted to RIFT, the new uber MMORPG that’s launching on March 1st. Or 2nd. Can’t remember.

OH! I just saw some grazing animals in a distance. I can’t make out what they are. They look like either cows or very small elephants.

Couldn’t tell cos they came in assorted colours. Some grey, some dark brown, some white, some orange (yes orange!).

Don’t know why seeing animals should thrill me so much. Maybe I should go live on a farm. Be a farmer’s wife. Haha.

Think I might get homesick for the city, though.




Oh wow. I’m almost in London. 15 minutes more to go. Drawing these stupid stick figures really takes a long time. Kinda feeling a bit nauseous from the focus exerted on a moving bus.

Better stop now. Don’t want to puke all over my friends when I see them at the station.

I don’t know where I am exactly now but it’s looking nice and grey. Yay, London!

13 thoughts on “Blogging aboard a coach to London

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    Just want to tell you that I love your blog & updates ;)! Keep writing and have faith….good things will come your way.

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    Congrats on the courage to move on and find someone that will truly make you happy :) Have fun in London! Psst, those are cows ;)

  3. Avatar

    i love your drawings of the farm animals! haha. the sketches in this post are all quite funny :) sorry to hear that your relationship didn’t work out.

  4. Avatar

    I love how the cow, elephant, deer and pig all look the same… except for the colour of their heads…

    I wonder if the giraffe will also look the same, but with a round orange head. LOL.

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    @Chong: Headstart is not launch!! Different. :P

    @Shire Li: Thank you! That’s a very sweet message! :)

    @Ryangel: Yes, I’m very artistic. :) Not. :) I can’t play beta. Cos I only brought my Macbook.

    @Thong: Hey :) Thanks for saying that! And for visiting again!

    @theperthcouple: Hello! So nice to see you commenting here again. You always say the nicest things! :) Thank you!

    @Krusty: Thanks! :) Well, how do you know about the animals?! Maybe they are horses. :P

    @esther: Um, really? I’m a bit embarrassed about that picture. It’s so messy lol.

    @Mince Pye: Yes, of course it will.. :P

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