Men are idiots

I have 15 minutes now, so this is a 15-minute blog!

I am currently reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a novel depicting the sad state of women in 19th Century China.

That’s why I went reading up about foot-binding, as mentioned in my latest Post-it Notes.

Several months back, I was reading a series of novels about life in the royal courts of medieval England, also highlighting how women were horrendously marginalised.

The gist of what went on in ancient times is that the only purpose of a woman was to give birth to sons (and secondarily to serve men and make their lives comfortable).

Not daughters. Only sons. If you gave birth to one son in your life, you have redeemed yourself, but only barely.

You would have to produce a handful of sons in order to be considered worthy of the food you’re being fed to keep you alive.

If you never give birth to any sons, you’re worthless and a waste of life.



I can’t stop wondering how ancient men ever arrived as such a formula. If women were so worthless, then exterminate them all. Let’s see how your damn species is going to survive, then.

I don’t know how a male who had emerged from his mother’s womb could even think that the very womb he had been created in could be the slightest bit inferior to him. He should feel inferior because he doesn’t have the same life-giving powers.



Men can be such idiots. I’m sure they still are, even if most of them now recognise that women are just as important as men, if not more, in the context of life.

Men are now idiotic in other ways.

Well, I don’t have any examples now because I haven’t been irritated lately by any man, but I’m sure I can give you a long list when I’m in the mood to.



I’m not a misandrist (one who hates men). I know some of you probably think I am because I occasionally write male-bashing posts. But I usually do it in good humour and affection. Just like how a mother might want to kill her kids when they’re being really bad but at the same time still feel an inordinate amount of love and affection for them.

Not that I would know about that since I’m not a mother. But I’m sure I can imagine. I feel that way towards my pets when I had them so I’m sure the feeling is roughly similar.

Okay, just a little bit. It’s enough to work on.



Oh, 15 minutes are up so I gotta run.

Till the next blog!

7 thoughts on “Men are idiots

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    You have to understand that in Ancient China, the most valuable thing is work, and men can work in farms, as they have strength and bring home the dough. It is no wonder that Men are valued.

    It is also culturally accepted and it still is that men are valued more in the patriarchal society that is china.

    Of course, since then things have changed. You cannot impose modern values on an ancient world.

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    If women were so worthless, then exterminate them all. Let’s see how your damn species is going to survive, then. <— iLike iLike iLike!!!!!

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    I used to like your blog but in recent times, I find they are getting more and more crappy. Especially since your break up with the goonfather.

    what’s up with all these men hater comments and then say “Actually I don’t really hate men”? Or “…but now I don’t have any examples to give about how idiotic men are”. You have made yourself look foolish, and actually, you are the idiotic one here!

    I’m not saying this to side men. I would have bashed a guy if he had said something similar like you.

    Come on. If you have nothing to write, think! Before you write something BLAH!

    I think what you need is a good sex maybe to chase away the blues in you. Cheers!

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    Kraz Teon

    What is “a good sex”? Do you have male or female in mind?

    The GoonFather wants me to ask if you’re trying to score points with him. If you are he wants you to know he doesn’t need his ass to be kissed, not now nor anytime in the future. Especially not by a male.

    I have one question of my own for you: Is there some innate desire in you for your feet to be bound? Is that why you thrashed Sheylara for speaking out against men who forced women to bind their feet?

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