Madly expensive crab in Hong Kong

There’s this famous restaurant in Hong Kong called Under Bridge Spicy Crab.

Obviously, the signature dish is the spicy crab. It’s very good but you will faint when you see the bill.

This unfortunate crab cost us HKD1080 (SGD180). That’s one crab.


Under Bridge Spicy Crab


Looks like this after it’s cooked.


Under Bridge Spicy Crab


I must say it’s really good and I would pay a premium price for it, but 180 buckaroos for one crab is a bit ridiculous, not?

The main attraction is the crispy stuff that the crab is buried under, of course. Without it, it’s just plain old steamed crab.

I don’t know what the stuff is made of, but I can taste garlic and salt and mysterious spices. It’s like nothing I’ve tasted so I’m not sure how to describe it except to say that it’s freaking awesome to eat it white rice.


Under Bridge Spicy Crab


The other dishes are also pretty impressive. Here’s a quick peek.


Clams. Really good. Infused with Chinese wine.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab


Shrimp mantis. Tastes like crayfish but is softer and sweeter.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab


Long beans. Normal. A bit too mushy.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab


Salt and pepper fried chicken wings. Not salty enough but still quite tasty.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab


We ordered seven dishes and the total bill was HKD1894 (SGD316). For five people.

Too expensive! I probably won’t go back there again unless you’re buying me dinner. =P

My cousin, Monster, brought her baby to meet us. He’s so adorable! But he refused to smile when I was posing for photos with him. Maybe he could sense my fear. I always fear that I will break babies when I hold them.

Can you see my fear?


Baby Josias


And, see, he smiles so sweetly when Monster is holding him.


Baby Josias


And he stuck his tongue out at me.


Baby Josias


Lucky for him he’s cute!!


See, again, no smile, only drool!


Baby Josias


Grrrr kids!

Anyway, to balance our oily dinner, we went for dessert at a dessert cafe called Honeymoon. This was with Elyxia.

Monster and baby had to go home because it was time for baby to have his milk or he would C-R-Y.

I suppose I should stop calling her Monster in public. It’s just an endearing nickname, though. Her name is Faith.

Oh, the desserts were sweeeet.


Grass jelly and durian in something that tastes like vanilla milk.

Honeymoon dessert cafe


Mango and black glutinous rice in the same vanilla milk.

Honeymoon dessert cafe


Durian pancake and mango pancake. (No, I don’t think they look like pancakes.)

Honeymoon dessert cafe


Honeymoon dessert cafe


Honeymoon dessert cafe


On a totally different subject, it was rather cold yesterday. Well, because I was underdressed, wearing only a light jacket over two layers of very thin, almost-sleeveless tops.




It will be even colder today, supposedly 8°C | 5°C, so I think I’m gonna drop dead because I didn’t bring my winter battle gear. And we’re gonna have a long day of makaning and walking around.

If you don’t see an update from me tomorrow, you know what happened!

6 thoughts on “Madly expensive crab in Hong Kong

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: If there was fear, your smile hides it pretty well, hehe:P Quite interested in those mango and durian pancakes…

  2. Avatar

    If I ain’t wrong, the ‘Under the Bridge Crab’ restaurant is in Causeway Bay. You would have to take a cab there, because it isn’t so near to the MTR.

  3. Avatar

    there’s Honeymoon outlets in msia! and also other places that serve the more or less same-ish pancakes and desserts la

  4. Avatar

    @RN1209: Heh, they’re not bad. Very creamy inside. But the durian not so tasty. Mango one is good!

    @Gab: You mean the crab place, right? It’s 405 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai. You can take the MTR to Causeway Bay Station then walk along lockhart road. Will only take you a couple of minutes.

    @naeboo: Cool. I thought I might have seen Honeymoon in Singapore before but can’t quite remember.

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