False friends

Once upon a time, I had a friend who said she loved me and that she would be true to me no matter what.

But I guess she didn’t mean it because, to her, being popular turned out to be more important than friendship.

Some of her friends didn’t like me, and she wanted to be in their favour, so she started to turn against me.

She thought of ways to hurt me, maybe because she couldn’t possess me anymore, maybe because she was jealous of me, maybe because she wanted to impress her friends.

She told people nasty things about me, some true, some not.

I’m not perfect. But she forgot that she isn’t perfect herself.

11 thoughts on “False friends

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    We can see human natural or a person natural side once something happen or problem occur… Some of them just talk loud and their action totally opposite went thing go ugly… My buddy told me before about this and now I believe it…

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    Agreed Michael. Some people take advantage of situations for no other reason than to make themselves seem high and mighty when the other person is down.
    Hence, Luc-ASS. No other reason but to try, and poorly I might add, to make himself look better or to get a cheap thrill out of saying something hurtful. It’s people like luc-ASS need a swift kick in the…um….luc-ASS.

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    Human egoism :( Too many people are only considering themself. Its so sad and bad when you “lose” a friend, because of their selfishness, but in the end you are better without them. Even tho I dont know you in person, you seem too good and sweet to have “friends” like that. Be strong and take care, Sheylara! <3

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