Helping poor children smile

I’ll be going for my first Operation Smile mission in about a week’s time. I’ve waited about a year for this.

It’s hard to get a place in a mission unless you’re a surgeon or nurse or something useful like that. For this upcoming mission, I’m fulfilling the role of mission blogger, which isn’t really a required position in missions at all. Not even remotely as useful as a nurse, but better than nothing, I guess.

I’m just glad for this chance to do my part.

Operation Smile travels all over the world to help underprivileged children born with cleft lips and palates, giving them the ability to smile and a chance at a normal life.


Operation Smile Mission Cambodia


This upcoming mission will be held in Dhaka, Bangledesh. We’ll be there for 8-9 days, spending five of them operating on a target number of 100 children. Well, the surgeons will be operating, anyway. The rest of the team take on other support roles such as administrators and child experts (to comfort the patients).

Let me share some more photos taken at a recent mission in Cambodia so you have an idea what the missions are like.

(All photos courtesy of Justyn Olby and Operation Smile.)


Operation Smile Mission Cambodia


Operation Smile Mission Cambodia


Operation Smile Mission Cambodia


Operation Smile Mission Cambodia


Of course, I’ll be sharing photos from on-site and blogging about the experience once I arrive at Dhaka with the team. So, please support the mission by checking back for updates!

You can also support by liking the Operation Smile Singapore Student Chapter Facebook page.

The Dhaka mission will be the first mission involving student volunteers from Singapore, so it’s going to be exciting. I’m sure they’re all very excited, just as I am.

All the students have worked tirelessly since the Student Chapter was founded about a year or so back, organising events in Singapore to help raise funds or awareness for Operation Smile. They’ve done a really great job so far so do support them by joining their page!

And check back here soon for more updates.

Actually, I’m flying to Hong Kong today to visit with my friends for a week before going to Dhaka, so come back for Hong Kong updates first. :P

Happy New Year! (Again.)

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    I live in Anantapur, India. I left my job to work for the needy here and I volunteer for few NGOs too. I know lot of villages here where children require immediate help, children who work in the farm, children who don’t go to school and just play whole day long, children whose parents are infected with AIDS.
    I try my to generate awareness to the best of my abilities. However I have a strong feeling that they need much more than this. Please could help me with resources where I can find help like sponsors for these kids. And how I should approach.

    Abraham Simons

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