Removing the tubes from the arm

Of all days, we’re leaving the hospital on the day it’s the coldest outside, Highest temperature at 3°C, lowest -2°C.

The doctor came in this morning to redress Kay’s wound again and to remove the haematoma bag.

Here’s a closer look at the part where the tube goes into the skin: Click here to view.

It’s not as gory as yesterday’s photo of the stitch but I’m making it optional viewing just in case.

At around 6:30 am when the doctor came to pull out the tubes, his painkiller had already long worn off, some five hours or so. The next dose wouldn’t come till 8 am.


Removing the tubes


He said the tube removal was painful but he tried to imagine that the doctor was just yanking sticky tape off his skin. And then he talked about military victims again having to endure worse pain.

There will be many more visits to the hospital in the coming year. He’s supposed to see the doctor next Monday, then two weeks later, then two months, then six months, then a year.

One year later, he will have to undergo another surgery to remove the plates and screws holding his bones together (he’s going to beep at airport security checks!), plus receive a ligament reconstruction that involves harvesting tendons from his wrist.

Sounds scary!

About two more hours before we check out of the hospital. Gonna get some sleep now.

Sleep is very sporadic at the hospital. You gotta snatch an hour here, two hours there, even at night. I imagine it’s a lot worse for patients in shared wards because there would be a lot more distractions and visitors throughout the day.

Till the next update. Toodle-oo!

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