Photos of Kay’s wound and my electric hair

The stitches and bandages are out and Kay can finally wash his left arm again!


Waiting for the nurse to come remove the stitches.

Kay in the hospital



Sheylara in the hospital


And, now, a series of photos chronicling the removal of the stitches, the more graphic of which, as usual, I will provide as separate links for the benefit of squeamish people.


[Wound with stitches still intact]

[Nurse picks out stitches with a tong and curved blade]

[Nurse swabs wound with antiseptic]

[All stitches removed]

Close-up of the curved blade:

Curved blade

Close-up of the stitches that got picked out:



The entire process took 20 minutes! The nurse had to pick at each stitch carefully, poking, cutting, pulling.

It was very painful, going by Kay’s expression. I feel freer and do a lot more now. But I don’t rely solely on the drug. I incorporate behavior therapy, progressive muscle relaxation, body scan, mindfulness, and autogenic training. Codeine replacement works well. The successes are there and setbacks are allowed. It goes on with tramadol. All the best. I’m sure he was thinking about war victims yet again to psycho his mind into believing that his pain was nothing.

Anyway, as I was saying, he can now wash his arm! It’s gotten really disgusting, wrinkly and dry. The doctor says he should soak the wound in warm water 10 minutes every day and then exercise his elbow lightly.


X-Rays of his arm:

Arm X-Ray


Arm X-Ray


You can see where the bone was broken (just above the joint) and then the two parts fixed back together with plates and screws.


What the plates and screws look like:

Plates and screws


A photo with Dr Choi (pronounced Chay):

The doctor and us


He has a medical certificate to indicate that he has metal in his body so that airport security will not arrest him when he starts triggering the beepers. Haha.

Okay, enough about Kay and hospital stuff. The next visit will be in March for a follow-up check, so more then!

Now, I have photos of me!


Electric Girl




LOL. Electric Girl in action!

The static electricity I’m getting here is freaking annoying. I hate when I’m out and when I try to brush some hair off my face, it gets even stickier and individual strands start wrapping themselves around my face like spider legs closing in on its prey!! Grr!!

But that’s not as bad as the electric shocks, which are still happening even without my electric coat.

Okay, let’s have some normal photos now!


Sometimes, Kay objects to my camwhoring. Especially when he’s in the background.



Change background.



Hiding from the cold biting wind.



Walking to the subway platform.



Okay, that’s all.

I’m writing this blog in the middle of the night. It’s now 4:15 am. I have to wake up in 45 minutes’ time to do some final packing and get ready to go to the airport.

By the time you read this, assuming you’re reading it today, I shall be already on the plane!

Looking forward to home. =)

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    @Sheylara: As always, thanks for sharing!:) This travel series has been a thoroughly enjoyable read. Pretty cool back view of Electric Girl, i must say;P

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