My final Star Blog entry

It’s really strange how time just moves on. When you think back to the beginning of any significant occurance, it’s kinda shocking to realise how long it’s been.

For example, I think about my friendship with Unker Kell and Elyxia and realise that we’ve known one another for nine years. I still remember very clearly the circumstances under which we met, so it doesn’t strike me that so much time has already passed.

We’re all almost a decade older and are a lot closer now than we were then, which is the way you always hope friendships develop.

Both of them are the sweetest people and the best friends I’ve ever known, not counting my dearest cousin, Monster, because she’s family.


RG Gay


That’s a 6-year-old photo. I can’t find any earlier than that.

But let me get to the main point, which is that Star Blog is coming to an end. This week is the last week and it will be replaced by something else in 2011.

I can’t believe I’ve been Star Blogging for 2 years 3 months. It really doesn’t feel that long.

The most memorable thing about it is that I always have to be a wet blanket because of it. We usually get our topics on Friday evenings and we have to submit our blogs by Monday mornings, so that means we have to work on it over the weekend.

There have been countless times I’ve had to say to my friends, “I can’t go/do that/stay out late. Gotta do Star Blog.”

During weekend getaways with friends, I would have to beg off activities for half a day to work on the blog.

On Wednesday nights, I might be out having dinner with friends and I’d have to be antisocial for an hour while I log in from my phone or laptop or iPad to do the “live” chat.

I guess the schedule is a little inconvenient, and sometimes the topics are really tough, but I don’t regret my stint on Star Blog one bit.

It’s always exciting checking my e-mail every Friday to see what the new topic is. And it’s fun during the times I round up my friends to help me pose for photos to illustrate a specific blog.


Michael Jackson posers


That was us trying to pose like Michael Jackson but not succeeding very much, for my tribute post to the late superstar.

Unker Kell ignored my instructions to the group to wear black that night, but he was really good at the poses, so I made him dance coach for the night.


Michael Jackson poser



In total, I’ve written 116 Star Blog entries. It’s become such a routine that it’s gonna be weird not to have to do it anymore.

The job was very stressful at first, because the topics started off being more issue-oriented, many of which required research.

My very first post was to comment on the two candidates for the 2008 US Presidential Elections and cast a vote for either one.

That was the scariest topic ever, considering that I’ve never followed American politics or, in fact, any politics at all, in my life.

The only politics I was vague aware of were of the ones in the offices where I’d worked, but which I diligently avoided as much as humanly possible.

You can read for yourself how knowledgeable I was on the subject. =P


McCain and Obama


After a year, the topics became easier for me because there were more personal topics. Isn’t it always easier to write about yourself than about two blokes whom you know absolutely nothing about?

But, despite the stresses and the inconvenient schedules, I’m going to miss Star Blog a lot. It’s been a huge part of my life for over two years and I’ve made real friends from it.

I’m just glad I was given the chance to be on the team. I always enjoy being on some team or other.

Next week, a new STOMP section will replace Star Blog. It’s called “You Say, I Say”. I don’t know the details, but I guess we can all find out next week.

In the meantime, here’s my final Star Blog: What my life will be in 2011.




Go read it! Don’t read next time no more already! =D

6 thoughts on “My final Star Blog entry

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    *HUGS!* U’re awesome, babe. For having kept up with it for so long. :) You’re one of the best and most entertaining writer on Starblog lah… Anyway, will still read ur blogs here… ;)

  2. Avatar

    @Daphne: Thanks so much for your comments and support! *HUGGGGS*

    @Mother: O.M.G. Haha. I don’t have any of those things I wore in that photo anymore. :P

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