Men are illogical and never say what they mean (and Peking duck snack)

Oh, takeaway snack-size Peking duck and suckling pig! I’m glad someone finally thought of this.

Seems like it’s been around for a year or more (at Ion Orchard) but I only just discovered it last night at VivoCity. It’s prepared on the spot and nicely rolled up in egg crepe for you to take away.


Modern Peking Duck


Modern Peking Duck


Modern Peking Duck


Modern Peking Duck


I’ve always loved Peking duck but seldom eat it cos it’s so expensive and you can’t just walk into a restaurant on your own and order a duck. And, most people, when you suggest to them, “Hey, let’s go eat Peking duck today!” will look at you funny and say, “Siao ah!”

So, anyway, I gave this Modern Peking Duck a try despite already being quite full from dinner.

Kay bought both the duck and pig, but I only tried the duck because, well, I was full. And, because I had really high hopes for it, I was a little disappointed by the result.


Modern Peking Duck


The taste is similar to what you’d get at restaurants, with the egg wrap and sweet sauce. But what’s wrong with it is the skin-meat ratio.

In restaurants, you get a larger slice of skin with no meat. That’s what I like. A big chunk of crispy skin. In this takeaway version, it’s mostly meat and very little skin, so it just doesn’t feel the same.

I unwrapped one to show an example.


Modern Peking Duck


The amount of skin is a bit pathetic. When eating it, I could only taste meat and hardly skin. I suppose, for $1.20 per piece, I can’t ask for too much?

Anyway, check this out. The outlet is trying to have its suckling pig replace turkey for Christmas! Heheh.


Modern Peking Duck


Kay took a look at the poster and said, “Ooh, I could eat that whole thing myself!”

So I said, “Let’s get it for our Christmas dinner!”

We had originally planned to order turkey for our little get-together with two other friends. But we only decided that two days ago. By then, all Christmas orders everywhere had closed.

But Kay replied, “Siao lah! How to finish!”


I do declare, men have absolutely zero for logic. They say the most illogical things and contradict themselves all the time.

And it’s all the more annoying because I try to only date smart, intelligent men because I enjoy intelligent conversation. But all my smart, intelligent men say the most illogical things.

So I beat Kay up (metaphorically) over this until he revealed that what he was thinking was more along the lines of suckling pig for Christmas is wrong.

So why didn’t he just say that, instead?

I don’t know why men always have to complicate things by never saying exactly what they really mean!

And I don’t know why women put up with it! I always beat my partners up when they’re being illogical.

And men have the cheek to claim that women are the ones who never say what they mean! Huh!

Well, okay, women do that, too, but it’s usually out of shyness about expressing their feelings. Men do it because they just can’t be bothered to tell the truth and will just say the most convenient thing that pops out in their heads just to get you off their back because they’re lazy to answer questions.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, Modern Peking Duck is at Ion Orchard (B4-75) and VivoCity (B2-K15).

Merry Christmas, everyone! =)

5 thoughts on “Men are illogical and never say what they mean (and Peking duck snack)

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    LOL this is really interesting. If I try one I might need to suck it first to taste it. Suckling pig must taste suckling good!

    Merry Christmas to you too.

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    Men say illogical things and contradict themselves in order to get negative attention from women. Men love to antagonize women. Being antagonized is painful. This is why men do it–they thrive on women’s irritation.

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