The original herbal roast duck

If you like the herbal duck in Dian Xiao Er, you have to give this one in Johor Bahru a try.

Yeah, I know it’s kinda far but I think it’s worth it. I loved the one in Dian Xiao Er. I loved this one in JB more, although my perception could be a bit warped since the last time I ate at Dian Xiao Er was about 2005 or thereabouts.


Herbal duck


The story I’m hearing is that Dian Xiao Er bought the recipe from this Malaysian franchise which, according to its name card, has eight outlets in the country and claims to be “The First & Original Herbal Roasted Duck”.

But Dian Xiao Er might have a better version with its Ten Wonder Herb Roast Duck.

The difference, I think, is that the JB version is drier and comes across as more crispy. It’s awesome.

There are five different flavours. I tried the Tang Gui and liked it so much I think I might just forgo trying the other flavours next time I visit.


Herbal duck


The sauce has a sweet, herbal infusion which teases the tongue quite palatably. It’s also on the salty side, so it’s a good idea to eat it with rice. The meat is pretty tender and has a nicely roasted taste.

At RM22-RM24 for half a duck, it converts to just under S$10, which is pretty reasonable.


Herbal duck


Of course, the travelling will be a bit of a hassle.

The outlet I went to is just past the immigration building at the Woodlands checkpoint. Walkable distance. You’ll pass through Johor Bahru City Square (the mall) and then cross a few streets to get there.


Herbal duck


Herbal duck


Maybe I’ll go try the Dian Xiao Er duck again and see if it’s gotten better after all these years.

Here’s the address for the JB one if you’re around the area and want to search for it.

Restorn Hao Bi
31 Jalan Meldrum
80000 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 07-222 5591

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    hmm… wow either sheys posts r getting poorer or she is. theres just not as many comments on her posts as there used to/should be. oh well!

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    Stormy, please don’t post negativity here. (If you invited someone to yo’ home, you wouldn’t want ’em to insult you, right?) Shey Diddy’s doin’ her best to provide us with free entertainment. I, for one, am grateful.

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    how was i posting negativity? i was just saying that ppl dont really comment anymore. like there posts where theres like 20 comments then there some with like 1 comment or none at all.

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    Ya I don’t really keep an eye on this blog here anymore. Its just mostly big colorful pictures and eye-candy photos of herself to fill up the spaces. There is little interesting written content. How long can this go on?

    Not being negative, in fact trying to be constructive.

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    When it comes to writing the most important thing is style, you either have it or you dont. Sheylara has a magical writing style and that natural effortless sense of humor, which put together make this, at least for me, the best blog on the internet.

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    Ive eaten that there before! Its sooo good i love it. Seriously i wish i could go there everyday and eat that…Well maybe not everyday but every once in a while. Dont pay any attention to rude comments shey. Your blogs are wonderful and i love to read them! So keep them coming Sheylara and best blogging to ya! ;D

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    I agree with Stormy, i was looking for different herbs to go with Duck but all i can see is Advertisements !! and Mr Smooth you have to understand this is the web and if people are going to use SEO (Search engine optimization ) to promote their site then its best to have the information they are using to get people to come to it to be on it lol, anyway here is their address again just incase you missed it lol

    Restorn Hao Bi
    31 Jalan Meldrum
    80000 Johor Bahru
    Johor, Malaysia
    Tel: 07-222 5591

    PS do you have have any ideas what herbs do go with Duck ? as thats what i really am looking for !!

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    I just came across your post and I am 7 years late. I am a Singaporean living in Johor Bahru and I am on the lookout for goods eats in JB. Thanks for the recommendation. Keep up the good work.

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