Facebook brings out the stupid in people

I was a late adopter of Facebook, purposely resisting it because it was overhyped and I hated when that happened.

I only signed up way after everyone I knew had a Facebook account, and that was after I happened to sit in on an advisory panel on blogs and social networking.

Because I couldn’t contribute much on the topic of Facebook, I realised that limiting one’s knowledge and horizons just for the sake of showing people that you’re not one to follow trends and buy into hype is just stupid and prideful.


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So I signed up, maybe to my detriment because when Facebook games became more sophisticated, I got addicted and was playing them almost full-time, neglecting everything else.

I am glad to report that I went cold turkey earlier this year and never looked back at all.

Which has freed up a lot of time for me to spend on iPad games, instead.

Actually, iPad games are a more productive use of time, in my case anyway, because I enjoy playing puzzle and strategy games on the iPad and, so, I’m actually working my brain.

Facebook games (such as Restaurant City and Cafe World) do tax my brain cells a bit because I start making charts on the most efficient and profit-maximising ways to do things. But that’s really child’s play. Once you’ve got a formula, you just apply it and continue churning out the goods in a robotic manner.

Which is practically useless.

But I can’t say that Facebook has been a total waste of time for me. I did enjoy the games very much and I continue to enjoy reading my friends’ updates and posting my own and reading comments on them.


Sheylara's Facebook


So, what’s the big deal about Facebook?

We answer this question in Star Blog this week!

Read my piece: Facebook is for showing off or being a voyeur

On a related note, also read this illuminating rant on Facebook’s Super Wall and FunWall which I wrote three years ago.

It will illuminate to you how Facebook makes people stupid.

Or maybe I should more accurately say: How Facebook brings out the stupid in people.

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