Parting ways

There are many ways to say this but I suppose the best way to say it is to just come right out and say it. 

The Goonfather and I have decided to go our separate ways.

It might seem sudden to you, you who have so long been entertained by the silly antics of this crazy dude, but often, people do not announce their plans until the decision is final. 

And the decision is final now.

The good news is that the parting is amicable and mutual so we’re still the best of friends. We just have certain fundamental differences that we have come to realise will not carry us through a smooth and happy relationship in the long run. 

We’ve postponed this decision for a long time but we finally agree now that life is full of tough choices and you just gotta do what you gotta do eventually.

I have already moved back to my dad’s place to live so we’re no longer together.

This is somewhat a private matter but I just felt that I must blog about it because people will start realizing that I’ve stopped talking about him and will ask questions.  

So I guess this is the pre-emptive answer.

I just won’t give the details because that is private.

There is some sadness and loss of course, but we both already have plans for the future that do not revolve around each other. Like i said, we will still be best of friends. We just won’t be partners in each other’s faces. 

I might still blog about him if I still catch him doing crazy stuff during the times we do meet up. But this is the end of the road for us as a couple.

Don’t feel sad for us. Feel happy for us that we had the courage to do what many couples want to do but never dare to — move on with our lives to seek happiness and fulfillment in the long run.

Thanks for being with us through a sweet journey that, like all journeys in life, must finally come to an end.    

25 thoughts on “Parting ways

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    Wow, I usually just read your posts and never comment but I felt compelled to gve my best wishes to you two. I must admit being strangely entertained by two people whom I’ve never (and probably never will) meet, so it’s kind of sad to know you’re both going on separate ways. Do take care, all the best to you both, Sheylara and Goonfather.

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    *sigh* All the best and do wish both of you good luck. Sheylara, hope that you had gotten over with it… Dont let this to affect you! We the readers don’t want you to splat your blood all over your blog… It’s nasty. So try not to be emo! Cheer up! =D

    *p/s: So the blog is going to be much more quieter, isn’t…?

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    I am one of probably many readers of your blog who do not comment. I guess I will kinda miss Goonfather as he always provide fun and laughter.

    Hope both you and the Goonfather can find happiness in your lifes. =)

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    Hi Sheylara

    Been following your blog for quite some time. Ya, speaking from personal experience, its always a difficult thing to do, having to move on separate ways after sharing so many moments together. Regardless, hope both you and goonfather will find whatever it is that you are searching for in your lives.

    All the best. Cheer up!

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    Feel happy for us that we had the courage to do what many couples want to do but never dare to — move on with our lives to seek happiness and fulfillment in the long run.

    Very wisely said. Wish this post were published on 01 April, really…
    Take care!!

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    @Sheylara: Aw… When I saw the title, my first thought is “Please dun tell me you guys are breaking up.” This just make my already sad day more sad. On a positive note, that means you are single again!

    @Goonfather: Bye bye *wave* You will be missed…

    @Sheylara & Goonfather: Wish you both all the best in your journey ahead.

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    Am still kinda reeling from the shock from reading this post.

    Am definitely going to miss reading about the whacky times you and the Goonfather have shared…from the bottom of my heart, good luck to you both!


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    Thank you all for your well wishes. Appreciate knowing that some of you have never commented but decided to do so for the first time. The Goonfather and I are touched by your concern and support.

    I’m not going to stop blogging and it won’t get quieter here. Maybe just somewhat missing the presence of one silly bloke. :) I just need to settle down a bit in my new life before I pick up the pace of blogging again.

    But thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. :)

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    Hi Sheylara, I chanced upon your blog just a few months ago and I always thought that “The Goonfather” was your father!! Now then I realised he was actually your boyfriend..

    Nonetheless, wishing you and him happiness.

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    WOW! I just got in today after a long while away – been busy and kinda forgot about you. It was very pleasant and entertaining reading about you and the Goonfather all this while.

    Kind of a downer to hear that you’re both not together anymore. I hope you’re both doing fine and making the best out of the situation.


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