Behind the scenes at my SAFRA chat

I would like to thank everyone who attended the SAFRA Celebritalk in Facebook yesterday.

It was an interesting experience. My segment was held at SAFRA Yishun, my favourite SAFRA club because of the awesome rock climbing walls.


You can see the walls on the background of this photo (very faintly):

SAFRA Yishun


This was the spot where the chat was set up. I was logged in as the SAFRA Facebook fan page admin to chat with fans while the webcam was aimed at me to feed a “live” video stream.

A friend of mine said I looked irritated at some points. But I think he’d misread my look of intense concentration. I tend to get frowny when I’m concentrating on typing, especially when answering the “cheem” questions!

Or maybe he’s exaggerating. He tends to do that with me. Huh!

It’s really kind of weird having people watch you while you’re working. I know it doesn’t look like I was working, looking nice and relaxed wearing a dress and in full makeup.

It’s work lah.

But, well, okay, it’s fun work. I try to only do work that is fun. I’d rather starve if I have to be miserable at my job.


SAFRA Yishun


So, I had fun yesterday. The hour passed really fast. A few people asked some really interesting questions which made for fun discussions. I know this is going to sound strange but I’m really thankful that people want to chat with me! (Especially after seeing my sometimes frowny working face, lol.)

I wish I could have gone and climbed some rocks after this but then I had a few more appointments to go to right after the chat.

I decided to save $4 and walk to Yishun MRT Station. (Also because I was impatient and didn’t feel like waiting for a cab.)

Because I was wearing heels, I tried to walk slowly and as relaxedly as possible so that my feet wouldn’t die before the night was over. It took me 20 minutes to get to the station and I was perspiring like mad. Haha.

Well, okay, I saved $4. But my toes started hurting after my third appointment.

When you’re wearing heels, you need to be a guniang and avoid walking as much as possible and sit down whenever you can.


SAFRA Yishun


SAFRA Yishun


Okay, I think I’m beginning to talk rubbish.

I have many advertorials piled up waiting to be written. Feeling stressed!

Shall go work on them after my battle with the peanut butter sandwich. (To eat or not to eat.)

Thanks again for joining the chat yesterday. And thanks to SAFRA for always organising such cool events. Love you all!


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    Wow you sure look pretty! And what kind of shoe’s are those? Boot’s or what? Well they are cute. Mind telling me where you got them?

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