A Banking Babe is Born: Chapter 3

A Banking Babe is Born



Sheylara is a bimbo who enjoys shopping, playing games and Facebooking. She’s always late in paying bills because she thinks banking and accounting are tough, boring tasks. But she will soon find out how wrong she is!


Cast of Characters

Breeze Cast of Characters



Cutie Prime succeeds in convincing Sheylara that paying bills through Breeze on the iPhone is fun. A delighted Sheylara sends her first eCheque — to herself. She also finally pays her phone bills and Cutie is relieved.


Chapter 3: Wishes do come true

“I’m bored!” declared Sheylara suddenly one afternoon, “I want to do something fun!”

Startled, Fluffy the 2nd jumped. The screensaver that had been idly scrolling on her screen flicked off as the pretty Macbook blinked in consternation.


Fluffy jumps


“Let’s play a game, Fluffy!” said Sheylara.

Fluffy replied, “Let’s log in to Breeze and I’ll show you something cool.”

Sheylara frowned.


Sheylara frowns


“It’s good for your soul,” said Fluffy.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No. C’mon, you’ll see.”



Fluffy shows Sheylara cool stuff


Fluffy shows Sheylara cool stuff


Fluffy shows Sheylara cool stuff


Fluffy shows Sheylara cool stuff


Fluffy shows Sheylara cool stuff


Fluffy shows Sheylara cool stuff


With that, Sheylara whooped and ran around in circles in excitement. The thought of shopping always got her going.

“What can I buy today?!” she asked, barely able to contain herself.

“You can buy your Juicy Couture sunglasses.”


Sheylara was out of the house in five seconds flat.

This time, she remembered to grab Cutie Prime on her way out.


Cutie Prime is traumatised


“Cutie Cutie I’m going shopping!” yelled Sheylara happily.

“Right, right, what else is new,” yawned Cutie.

“OH NO!” Sheylara suddenly cried out.

“What, what?!”

“I don’t have enough cash on me!”

“Then go get some.”

“What a bummer. I don’t remember where the nearest ATM is.”

Cutie Prime’s eyes brightened as she remembered something.


Cutie Prime to the rescue


“What now, Cutie?” inquired Sheylara. The girl always thought her silly phone was a little bit too melodramatic for her own good.


Cutie Prime to the rescue


Cutie Prime to the rescue


“Cutie, you are brilliant!” cried Sheylara.

“Well, it’s not all me,” said the iPhone shyly, “There’s Breeze. It does all the work.”

“Alright, alright,” conceded Sheylara, “You ladies have got me. I love Breeze, okay? It shall be my handy companion forever and ever!”

Cutie blinked. “What about me?” she said, still shy.

“You’re my sexy mobile secretary, remember?!” laughed Sheylara.


Cutie Prime to the rescue


So, the happy bimbo did her shopping and bought her stuff and danced her dance and then lived happily ever after with Fluffy the 2nd, Cutie Prime and Breeze.

Well, stories have got to have a happy ending, don’t they?

Even if they’re about banking.


Sheylara and Breeze

The End.

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