Paid to draw crappy stick figures


I have been commissioned to do a short blog series to introduce a new product using my crappy stick figure drawings!


Crappy stick figure


Some time last month, I submitted a proposal idea with a story outline and a sample of my drawings. I thought there was a high chance they would throw my drawings into the incinerator. I know people enjoy my drawings in my blog, but this is a professional product we’re talking about, see.

Well, I just thought it would be a good way to entertain readers and have them find out about the product along the way.

And, amazingly, they like the idea, so I’m doing the job!!

I have to submit one chapter this Wednesday, and then one chapter each week until the end of the month.

The problem is I’m travelling the second half of September.

Flying to Sandakan, (in Sabah, East Malaysia) this Friday for a charity + foodie trip organised by

That will take four days, then I’ll be home for only two days before flying off to Korea for a 7-day holiday!


Stick aeroplane


That means I’m trying to rush all my chapters out before flying off so I can travel in peace.

Because it’s commissioned work, I’m spending extra extra extra effort to make sure my drawings are less crappy. I spent 10 hours just creating the main characters alone!

Subsequently, each chapter is probably going to take me about eight hours each. Maybe more. I’m only 80% into the first chapter so I can’t say about the rest.

I’m trying to make my drawings look more professional since people are paying for this.


They are not going to look like the crappy drawings on this page!


You know, it’s kind of strange that I always get a lot of work just before travelling, so that I can never really look forward to my holidays. The entire week before flying, I’m usually stressing out over deadlines.

Before this week, I was working on a few advertorials so didn’t have time to work on this comic project.

It’s all very incovenient, but that makes me want to travel even more because getting more work is always a good thing, right? If travelling makes me get more work, I’m flying as often as I can without killing myself! Haha.

I’m visiting Changping, China, again in November! =D We didn’t get enough of it the last time we went there. This time, Wang Wang, Morte and Unker Kell will be joining me and the Goonfather. I’m excited!


Stick aeroplane


I have to be excited about my trips way in advance because I don’t have the chance to be excited nearer the travelling dates since I’m always busy then.

I was working on my drawings till 5 am this morning, almost nonstop for about 14 hours (only one dinner break).

I can get very obsessed when I’m working (or playing games).

This morning, I got up at 11:30 am and jumped straight back into my work the first thing. No time to have lunch today. Will be having pizza for dinner tonight!


No iPad!!


And, no. I’m not going to develop my drawing skills. I like creating stories and comics, but I still hate drawing. Haha. It’s a damn tedious annoyance!

Alright. Gonna stop here and get back to my work.

Please find some time to read my Star Blog entry this week!

This week’s topic is a tease!

Sexy girl in VivoCity exposes butt cheeks


10 thoughts on “Paid to draw crappy stick figures

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    @Sheylara: This is wonderful news! Sometimes gigs come from areas you least expect, yeah?:) Here’s to your further success at “drawings”:)

  2. Avatar

    @Ju Ann: Thanks for your support! :P

    @Minou: Yah lor. Next year save all your leaves for us!!

    @RN: Thanks! Hehe.

    @tvbaddict: Thanks for your support too! :P

    @Kerr: Erm… 5 lessons do not make a manga artist. If so, the world will be flooded with manga artists. :P

    @cyc1op: That’s a great question, although it’ll be a bit hard to explain without giving away the story. The samples I sent over were a bit different from my usual sticks. I guess my proposal attempt wasn’t to impress them with what my readers call the “endearing quality” of my crappy drawings, but more the fact that I’d be using comics to illustrate a story.

    @Melvin: Hahahaha. Great pun! And good try. :P

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    regarding your star blog post, i totally agree on your point. The other day i saw a JC girl skirt is so short that it qualifies as a mini-skirt than as a school dress. I still remember during my times, skirts should be below the knee. Now it is going higher n higher.

    As for tat JC girl, i almost follow her home =D

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