Awesome giant pizza in Singapore

Sink your teeth into this yummiest 20-inch pizza!

Loui's Pizza


One slice of it is bigger than my face!

Loui's Pizza


It’s one of the thinnest pizzas you can find in Singapore and, yet, you don’t feel like it’s just fluff. Maybe because it’s so huge. Two slices of it was enough to make my stomach raise the white flag.

I wanted to squeeze even more in but then my stomach threatened to raise the red flag.

Thin, incredibly crispy, and a mind-blowing explosion of taste is what describes Loui’s 20-inch pizzas. Those of you who love to see streaks of melted cheese stretching off the sides would be disappointed because Loui’s pizzas are not like that.

But the taste is really good. We ordered Pepperoni and Magherita.

The Pepperoni was the crowd favourite because it’s juicier and, well, the taste of pepperoni is always more exciting than just plain minced meat.


Loui's Pizza


But I enjoyed my Magherita equally because of the pleasing fragrance of basil. There’s not as much meat on the Magherita as advertised in the menu photo but I liked it just fine. I would eat it again!


Loui's Pizza


The bad news is that Loui’s Pizza is located in Universal Studios Singapore, so you have to pay money to enter the park in order to eat it.

The good news is that you can enter the park for S$5 on Fridays and Saturdays after 7 pm.

The bad news is that the restaurant is horrifyingly crowded during those times.

We were there on a triple-whammy berserk night. It was the Hari Raya Friday which coincided with school holidays and was a long weekend to boot.

It’s a large restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating but it was packed and there were heaps of people standing around waiting for tables, just like in food courts.


This was later in the night when the place was less crowded and we finally managed to get a table, at 9 pm:

Loui's Pizza


The park closes at 10 pm. (But we didn’t get chased out of the restaurant until 10:15 pm.)

It was worth the wait, though.

And also worth the S$5 entrance fee, although it was free for us since we have a Universal Studios Singapore annual pass.

It’ll be ideal to visit the restaurant during non-peak days/hours when there isn’t a huge crowd, but that’s when the park costs S$72 to enter. That’s why you need an annual pass! =D


Loui's Pizza


Loui's Pizza


The 20-inch pizzas cost S$32 each, or S$7.80 a slice.

Each whole pizza is cut into six slices. Two slices (or 1.5) can feed a regular adult female. Three slices (or 2.5) for a regular adult male.


Loui's Pizza


Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour is located in New York, Universal Studios Singapore.

Loui's Pizza

15 thoughts on “Awesome giant pizza in Singapore

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Great pics! Definitely highlighted the scale. Hopefully this joint does well enough to open another outlet outside of USS:)

  2. Avatar

    Dear god, how can anyone finish a pizza so hugeO_o
    I never knew of a pizza so huge in SG and even heard of the place until i read this blog entry, interesting stuff.

  3. Avatar

    @RN: Oh, I certainly hope so too! :) But then, I think the food outlets in USS are supposed to be exclusive and unique. You don’t see any common franchises inside there. They’re mostly themed restaurants suited for the “street” they occupy.

    @honeybryan: Yeah, go for it! Bring friends! :P

    @twiinkle: Aww, thanks! :) I hope I can find more giant food to try. I love them! :P

    @tvbaddict: One more reason for you to come to Singapore!

    @tiger4: Hehe, it’s fun eating them, especially when you have a group of gluttonous friends. :P

    @Ronny: Er…. we have five people mah. We only almost finished it. We left half a slice. :P

    @John: Not alone, certainly! :P You can share one pizza between 3 to 4 people.

  4. Avatar

    The pizza was awesome! I tried ir yesterday while out for the YOG Appreciation Thingy and once I got a whiff of it, I was addicted! (Didn’t get a huge pizza though, haha.)

  5. Avatar

    Boy the pizza looks heavenly! But I have a question!
    Where’s the restaurant located, in our outside the park? Do we have to pay $72 to enter the park and patronize the restaurant or just $5 to enter the restaurant?

  6. Avatar

    @ken: The restaurant is inside the park. And yes, normally people have to pay $72 to enter and patronise the restaurant. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enter the park for $5. That’s for people to just enjoy the food and fireworks in Hollywood and New York. The rest of the park will be closed.

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