A photo from Sandakan

Hello, my lovelies! I am back from Sandakan!

Some of the more astute of you will have noticed that I’m usually not in the habit of calling people “my lovelies”, but I’m in that kind of mood right now.

Besides, you really are lovely.

I had an amazing trip. Possibly a life-changing one. I would like nothing better than to start blogging about it now.

But I have a mountain of work waiting to be done tonight and the next two days, and then I’m off to Korea for a week.

I have just only reached home like a minute ago. First thing I did after putting my luggage down was to turn on my computer and start doing my e-mails and then this blog.

I can’t blog about Sandakan right now; it might have to wait till I’m back from Korea. (I do plan to update as daily as possible while there. Will try to take more photos of the handsome boys and pretty girls in Korea to share with you.)

It’s a good thing my mood is hyper right now. It will keep me fueled for work. Because my body wants to crash and burn.

Will leave you with a photo and check back tomorrow.


Village in Sandakan, Sabah
A refugee village in Sandakan, Sabah.

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