A bunch of photos from Korea

Today is my last day in Korea! Just when my skin has started to faintly show the effects of the miraculous air and water here which gives the Koreans such flawless, radiant skin, I have to leave.

In fact, by the time this post is published (on timer), I will already be on a plane bound for Hong Kong for transfer to Singapore.

Korea is a wonderful, wonderful place. Will elaborate on that another day. Just wanna share some photos first!


Enjoying Korea with my favourite girls. Our first overseas trip together without the guys! Awesome, heh.

Four girls in Seoul, Korea


This next photo is possibly my favourite of the entire trip. Nanny Wen enjoys doing this thing she describes as “bombing my photos”. That’s when I’m self-camwhoring and she’d sneak into my frame without me knowing, to make a funny face. This is her best bombing yet.

Nanny Wen bomb


Here’s another one. But this time, I kinda knew she was going to do it already, so I was laughing. Her funny posture and expression was just her trying to rush into my frame before I snapped the picture.

Nanny Wen bomb


Here’s one she didn’t get.

Successful camwhorage without the Nanny


Shopping in Doota, a popular mall in Seoul. I can’t stop thinking DotA (the game). I didn’t shop much this trip. Somehow, kinda lost the mood for crazy shopping.



Hello Kitty hair accessories. I wanted to buy some, then I looked at the prices, then drooled at them for 10 minutes and ended up not buying any. They’re, like, S$30 to S$60 each or around there. For hair clips! Crazy!

Hello Kitty hair accessories


Prettiest luggage bags ever. I would have bought some if I hadn’t already spent a grand on my Mickey Mouse and Guess luggage bags. These are pretty expensive, too. I think the small ones are around S$100. Didn’t dare look at the big ones.

Pretty luggage bags


This is the outside of a palace. There are many palaces in Seoul. Five or something like that, I think. I might share my photos of our palace visit. But it was a bit boring to be honest.

Palace wall


I think Koreans are really good at interior decoration. Many of their restaurants are really nice and pretty and cosy.

Korean restaurant


Really big dog in a shopping alley.

Big dog


A random street.

Random street in Korea


Our first meal in Korea was of street food. We were looking for a restaurant to eat at and decided to stop and get a small bite. Then we kept adding on to our order because everything tasted so good, and actually stood there and ate an entire meal.

Korean street food


Seoul is bursting with cafes. You can’t walk two steps without encountering one!

Caffe Themselves


The night life is quite vibrant in Seoul. Restaurants and pubs and shopping. Or maybe because we stayed at the university district so it’s more happening there.

Caffe Themselves


Two Korean cuties in the subway.

Korean cuties in the subway


Our lodgings in Korea.

Ann's Guesthouse


We stayed in a place called Ann Guesthouse. It looks like some kind of office building with units converted into home-like spaces. I really love it here. It’s so cosy. It’s just directly above the subway and very near shops and restaurants. And it’s really cheap!! S$30 per person per night in a family unit with five beds. Free daily laundry services, too.

Ann's Guesthouse


There’s an upstairs area like an attic. Well, it’s kinda plain but I love it cos it feels so cosy! Nanny Wen and I shared the upstairs area. I bumped my head countless times on the ceiling.

Ann's Guesthouse


It’s usually the going downstairs that does it. I kept bumping my head on that jutting ceiling just above the steps.

Ann's Guesthouse


Sitting on the steps.

Ann's Guesthouse


Okay, that’s all! It’s really tiring blogging when overseas. So many activities in the day, then, like, there isn’t much time left to rest and sleep at night before the next day starts again. Even though our itinerary has been super relaxing to the max. lol

Will blog more when I get back to Singapore! =)

21 thoughts on “A bunch of photos from Korea

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    @Sheylara: Actually, I just found out that “photobombing” has been a part of the “camwhoring” vernacular for a while. There are plenty of people out there who do what Nanny Wen does on a regular basis! Heh, who knew?:P

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    Hi. Just chanced upon your blog while checking out reviews for Ann Guesthouse (great blog, btw). Just have some questions, hope you don’t mind :)

    Is the aircon cold enough in the room? Noticed that there’s just one a/c unit for such a big room, so I was curious if it was able to cool the room adequately. I come from a tropical country and have my aircon in full blast all the time, so was just worried I might be warm. Haha.

    Also, is there really an enclosed shower area in the bathroom? I’ve seen a couple of bathrooms in hostels where the shower is directly above or very near the toilet and has no division. I figured it might be a bit awkward taking a bath there. :)

    And lastly, I understand the hostel is located on a busy street. Can you hear traffic from inside the room?

    So sorry for the endless questions. It’s just that I’m travelling with my family and I’m the designated “travel agent” so would really want them to have a nice experience. Thank you so much in advance!!!

  3. Avatar

    Hi Zelly! Sorry didn’t reply earlier!

    To be honest, I don’t know about the aircon cos we were there in the autumn and it was cold so we had to turn on the heating instead of air conditioner. Well, if you’re afraid of heat, go during the colder months then :P

    Yes, there’s an enclosed shower stall in the bathroom. Smallish but does the job. I like that Ann does the laundry for guests. You put it in the laundry basket in the morning and by afternoon the next day, you’ll get your clothes back!

    I don’t really remember about hearing any traffic. Not something I paid attention to or realised, so sorry can’t answer that. :(

    Well, anyway, feel free to ask any other questions. :)

  4. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara! Thank you so much for responding to my questions.

    Funny, it didn’t even cross my mind that it could be cold since I’m not used to having four seasons. Haha! Well, will be going in October so I guess it would already be a bit cold. Nothing to worry about then :)

    Thanks again! You’ve been most helpful :)

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    hi, came across your site when i was checking out more on Annguesthouse. May i ask if it was difficult to find the place as i will be doing the trip along.
    Are there many eatery there? and during yours stay at Ann’s were they full and very busy? thanks…

  6. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara,

    I am interested to book Ann Guest House for my trip but i want to know if to know how did you go about doing the payment? Because i realize there isn’t a site for payment!

    Thank you! :)

  7. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara, just stumbled upon ur blog while googling for Ann guesthouse. May i ask if there is any wifi provided in the accommodation? Thanks.

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