12 hours in Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)

10 pm. Sep 4. Universal Studios Singapore.

Exhaustion. But happiness. I happily shelled out S$246 more to upgrade my S$72 day pass to an annual pass. My friends and I had decided after a long day of fun that we wanted to go back to Universal Studios Singapore again. And again. And again.

Universal Studios Singapore

(12 hours earlier…)

10 am. Hollywood.

Bright and early at 10 am (well, it’s bright and early for me; I hadn’t quite woken up yet), we took our first photo with the popcorn car at the entrance of USS.

Universal Studios Singapore

We were a group of 10 that day but only five of us were there on time, so we lounged around and got some breakfast at Celebrity Cafe & Bakery while waiting for the rest.

I had the Best Actress meal. It was a chicken and avocado foccacia with some weird noodle soup and a soft drink. I doubt that Hollywood best actresses actually eat these things. I think they eat celery sticks and whole grains, and drink sparkling spring water.

Isaiah and Sacha turned up in couple wear. Too cute lah, they all.

Universal Studios Singapore

12 pm. Hollywood.

We sure took our time at breakfast. It was high noon by the time we got off our asses to explore the park seriously.

Universal Studios Singapore

As I was taking random photos of the street, Nanny Wen said, “Stop taking random photos of the street!”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it’s a boring photo if no one I know is in it!”

Is that a valid argument?

Anyway, I decided to humour her. I ran ahead in front of her and took a photo of her waving her cap around pretending to be a tour guide.

Universal Studios Singapore

I decided to get some group photos while the group was still a group and not lost souls scattered all over the island.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

We caught the Monster Rock Musical at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre but I felt it was only so-so. It was just a bunch of famous movie monsters singing and dancing and not much of a story. I hope they change the show soon.

1 pm. Sci-Fi City.

There was this scary-looking extremely-tall girl in Sci-Fi City. I don’t know who she’s supposed to be.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Our first ride of the day was the Accelerator! It’s like the Disneyland Tea Cups. You know how you can steer inside the cup so that the cup spins madly counter to the spinning platform, right? So, like, the harder you turn the steering wheel, the more crazily your cup spins.

Queueing up for the ride.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

I didn’t dare sit with the Goonfather because he had an evil glint in his eye. I decided to sit with Kerr and Minou because I deem them safer people.

Universal Studios Singapore

Unfortunately, each cup can hold five people, so we needed to have two more with us and they turned out to be Isaiah and Sacha.

Isaiah is as evil as the Goonfather when it comes to rides.

See! Proof!

Universal Studios Singapore

It was mad slidage all over the cup!!

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Isaiah was exhausted by the end of the ride. Haha. He was the one who did most of the work, with just a bit of help from Kerr.

Universal Studios Singapore

In the Goonfather’s cup…

Universal Studios Singapore

There were only four because Elyxia refused to play. Lucky for her, because ALL FOUR OF THEM ARE NUTS.

All of them spun their cup violently from start to end. From the outside, Elyxia said she could see that their cup was the fastest spinning one and it was so fast she got dizzy looking at them.

Even when the platform and all the cups came to a stop at the end of the ride, their cup was still spinning madly!!

Universal Studios Singapore

That was fun, though. I want to go on it again!

1:30 pm. Ancient Egypt.

There were these tall statues at the entrance, right. I got all the girls to climb up and take a photo at the feet of one of them.

As I was happily getting into position and smiling for the camera, Nanny Wen suddenly gasped and shrieked at me, “QY!!!!!!!”

“Huh?” I said.

“Behind you!!!” she yelled.

I looked behind me and got the shock of my life!

This scary Egyptian fella had crept up beside me to pose for pictures with us!!!

It was hilarious after the initial shock.

Universal Studios Singapore


Universal Studios Singapore

Kell managed to capture the very moment when Nanny Wen was alerting me to our surprise visitor. Great job! I actually didn’t know he was there until I turned around!

What a funny guy! We saw him much later posing for photos (officially this time) with tourists. Good guy! Heheh.

Universal Studios Singapore

The Goonfather seemed to like Ancient Egypt a lot. He actually volunteered to pose for pictures (a rare occurence for him).

Universal Studios Singapore

When we walked past a fire hydrant, he went, “OMG OMG I WANT A PHOTO WITH THIS!!”

Universal Studios Singapore

Everyone was puzzled until he said, “Hey, it’s cool okay! It’s an ancient Egyptian fire hydrant leh!!”


The Revenge of the Mummy ride was awesome. Except that it was too exciting for me. I don’t like roller coaster rides. My stomach cannot take plunges through space.

The ride description: “A high-speed psychological thrill ride through sharp turns, full rotation and fast reverse, you’ll be fighting against fiery fireballs, flesh-eating scarab beetles and an army of merciless warrior mummies — all in total darkness.”

It’s really very good. Scary and quite realistic in terms of atmosphere, story and the physical motions. I wish I could enjoy it, really, but I was so scared the whole ride I wanted to puke. Haha.

The thrill-seekers in our group went for another go of the ride later in the day.

2 pm. Far Far Away.

At this point of time, our group split up. The thrill-seekers wanted to do more crazy rides in The Lost World. I needed to recover from the Mummy ride so, me, Minou and Kerr went off to the safer land of Far Far Away and watched the Donkey LIVE show.

The holding area before we’re ushered into the cosy theatre:

Universal Studios Singapore

(Photo-taking isn’t allowed in all the shows and some rides. Which is a good thing, I suppose. Otherwise, this entry will end up having 200 photos.)

I thought Donkey LIVE was gonna be a kiddy thing but it was surprisingly good. It’s an animated thing where Donkey appears on the screen as an animation, like in Shrek.

But the amazing thing is that he interacts with the audience, asking them questions and stuff. I got volunteered and had the opportunity to chat with donkey about the merlion and boyfriends, lol. There’s a real actor voicing donkey backstage. I don’t know how they make the animation match whatever the actor is saying.

After this, we had lunch at Friar’s Good Food while waiting for the rest to finish up in The Lost World.

We had smoked turkey leg for lunch (available at a street stall outside Friar’s). IT WAS GREAT. Nanny Wen and I shared one leg. It’s really huge. I don’t think I can finish it alone! It’s quite salty, though, so prepare a big drink or get some carbo stuff to eat it with if you can’t handle too-salty stuff.

Universal Studios Singapore

We sighted Puss in Boots in Far Far Away! Yay! He’s such a handsome cat!

Universal Studios Singapore

Okay, sorry for the anti-climax. I’m gonna have to continue this tomorrow because time’s up. Haha. Got an appointment to run off to. I think this is plenty for one day, anyway!

Come back tomorrow! =)

To be continued…

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    @Sheylara: Wow, that’s fast!:) A very enjoyable read, hehe… Wish I could’ve joined you guys, but with Battlestar Galactica out of commission, I guess your posts will have to do:)

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