Why I boycott these shopping malls

Okay, I don’t know why anyone would want to read about where I like to go shopping or which malls I hate.

But I’ve written it and it’s there for the reading. It’s this week’s Star Blog topic!

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Shopping mall

I’ve been truly busy the past week. Tons of advertorial and proposal deadlines, meetings, events, blogs, etc. I hardly slept all weekend and I woke up at 9 am today to rush some more work.

Finally finshed all my deadlines, though. I should be able to breathe easier this week and write some decent posts. No major deadlines and only two events!

One of the events is the Rappelz game launch. I am still accepting entries to be a VIP guest at the launch. I have a private gaming room for five people, with a terminal each for free gaming. And free food and drinks!

Want to join me there? Read the bottom of this post for details. Don’t forget you can also attend the party as a regular guest. It’s open to everyone. Just register at the Rappelz website!

Rappelz Singapore launch

Oh, yes, I’ll be collecting my iPhone 4 later.


Okay, I’ll try and wear something red today to celebrate National Day. =D

4 thoughts on “Why I boycott these shopping malls

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    @Jimmy: I’ve leaving it to my friend to answer herself if she wants to… :P

    @kelvin: Why do you dislike East Point? Too crowded or the layout too messy? :P I’m okay with it but it’s not fantastic.

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