Traditional BBQ chicken wings at Old Kim Guan

I think food reviews are one of the easiest to write since I can just post a whole bunch of pictures and people will be happy (lol), so here’s a food post today!

I’ve been really busy recently, which explains the lack of updates the past few days. Lots of assignments have come in and I have tons of meetings and events to attend.

So, on with it!

Two weeks ago, we went to Sunshine Plaza to eat Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee but got seduced by this little eatery, instead!

Old Kim Guan

Old Kim Guan serves a small variety of local delights that somehow evoke memories of my childhood. You know how there are dishes you used to eat when you were younger which you can never seem to find now?

The BBQ chicken wings at Old Kim Guan reminded me of the chicken wings I loved to eat at birthday parties or beach picnics when I was a kid. My mum and aunts used to cook them a lot and they were always accompanied by beehoon and fried fish balls.

Old Kim Guan

Of course, the wings at Old Kim Guan are better because you get them fresh off the stove (or whatever it is they’re cooked in) when they’re still hot, juicy and crispy.

The chilli sauce is really good. It’s like the ones you get with regular BBQ chicken wings at hawker centres but with a unique twist. I can’t describe it because I can’t remember the taste exactly. Haha. But, you know what, the chicken wings are so good on their own you’d hardly need the chilli sauce.

The wings are a bit pricey at $1.50 each (cheaper if you order more) but I think the quality is well worth the price. The other dishes are decently priced at around $3-$5 per dish.

Curry chicken:

Old Kim Guan

This was only so-so. I thought the curry was a bit too thick for my liking, but maybe some people like it that way. The taste also wasn’t up to my standard. I think not coconuty enough or something.

Pig’s trotter:

Old Kim Guan

I don’t normally like eating stewed pig’s trotter but I quite liked this one and couldn’t stop reaching for more. The vinegar taste was not overpowering like some others I’ve tried. It was actually pleasant in a way that enhanced the entire dish. The trotters were also cooked really well and quite melt-in-your-mouth.

Chye Poh Minced Meat:

Old Kim Guan

The most humble of dishes but most enjoyable. This dish disappeared into our bellies the fastest of all. The meat was tender and tasted just right.

Pig stomach soup:

Old Kim Guan

This is a soup dish that I used to enjoy as a kid but haven’t been able to find good ones for a long time. This one was good. The soup is really tasty and the ingredients are fresh!

Some noodle dish:

Old Kim Guan

I can’t remember what this was called. I didn’t try it because I wasn’t in a noodle mood that night. I think it was alright but not fantastic. It’s so much better to order a variety of dishes with rice. You know how some dishes taste better when you eat them with rice? I think all the dishes at Old Kim Guan were chosen for their compatibility with rice.

Except the chicken wings. Those are great on their own.

Old Kim Guan is at #01-55 Sunshine Plaza (91 Bencoolen Street). Go try it out. The service is good and friendly. :)

Okay, end of post! And a mandatory camwhore pic.


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    Since when is pointing out ones’ total self-absorption a complement? I swear you are living in some imaginary world where you think anything and everything anyone says to you is a complement. It’s called EGOtopiea and it’s not a good look.

    Oh wait, was that sarcasm you were trying to go for? My bad. I couldn’t see through all the smoke and mirrors in this funhouse.

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    Off topic.
    You using Blackberry Bold to take those photo, looks good. Thought you were using iPhone. How do you fare Bold against iPhone?

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    LOL! I took a quick peak and thanks MYT for giving me a good laugh.

    >> pointing out ones’ total self-absorption
    “” contains a
    profound discussion on the use of “one’s”. Note the placement of the

    >> is a complement
    Quoted from “”:
    => Not to be confused with Compliment.

    >> It’s called EGOtopiea
    Google “define: EGOtopiea”
    => No definitions were found for EGOtopiea.
    – Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

    >> imaginary world
    By the way, Einstein once said that “imagination is power.”

    @Sheylara: P.S: I’m feeling a little childishly bored this morning. Sorry for “defiling” your blog.

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    It’s perfectly normal to eat animal innards, Stormy. Haven’t you heard of Haggis and Steak-and-Kidney Pie?

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    @Stormy: Go do more travelling! There are many things in other parts of the world that will be good for you to experience! :P Where are you from, by the way?

    @cyc1op: No, those photos were taken by my Canon PowerShot E1. But I do sometimes use my BB to take photos when I forget my camera or it’s out of battery, which happens a lot lately. :P

    I’m using both iPhone and Blackberry. Somehow, the BB’s connectivity is better, so I’m actually using it for surfing more than the iPhone. Both my BB and iPhone are on SingTel. And the push services are awesome. I get e-mails on my BB like a minute faster than on my PC. :P

    But, I still prefer the iPhone for the enjoyment in use and the aesthetic appeal.

    Wait a minute, why has this become a gadget discussion? Haha…

    @HH: Not at all. Thanks for your contribution! ;)

    @Mince Pye: So, what kind of pie are you? Mince kidney? :P

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    @Sheylara: Mince Pye isn’t a pie, per se, but could very well be pi, are squared:P anyway, enjoyed the read as always, though definitely not trying the food, hehe:)

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